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Hi everyone,

I've just joined and am looking for some advice relating to maternity rights, pay etc.

Cutting a long story short, my partner and I have been thinking of starting a family for a while, however as a same sex couple we have had to go through fertility tests. Mine came back fine, my partners not so much, so it will be myself that will carry, should everything go to plan. I have been in my place of work for almost 2 years now, but on a whim I applied for a job within the civil service, specifically the prison service. The process was quite a long one, and I wasn't sure whether I'd be successful with my application. However I have been successful and I have been given a start date for next month. We always planned to start our potential family in September of this year, so now I'm left wondering what will happen, as my probation period is 6 months long, which will take me to January, and I maybe 4 months pregnant by then.

What are my maternity rights, will I still be entitled to pay, leave etc? I really don't want them to think I'm taking the mick, as I'll be there less than a year before I have to take leave. I haven't mentioned this, as 1 I didn't know I was going to get the job, and 2 it shouldn't really matter. I'm 37 and my partner is 45, so we don't want to put back our family plans either. Needless to say I'm in a bit of a predicament.

Thank you


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  • hello.

    you can find all information regarding maternity pay and leavehere-

    just wanted to say, good luck with new job and getting pregnant :)

  • Thank you, ☺

    I've just used the calculator to work out eligibility, and it states I should be entitled to the full leave and pay.

    I should get civil service perks too, although I'm not quite sure what they are as yet.

    I just hope it all works out (fingers crossed)


  • Be careful. I don't think you will get full pay/ civil perks unless you have been there for so long (most employers policy is 1 or 2 years). Maternity/ shared parental leave is approx £140/week if you have worked in last year.

  • Yes that website is the best advice really! You might want to check the company policy around time off etc. Good luck!

  • Can you postpone maternity till January? Fertility treatments are quite stressful and demanding and do not undervalue pregnancy hormones nor the possible discomforts of the first trimester.

    I, myself, would not want to go through all that while starting at a new job, a period when we have to show our best game.

    However, what you must do is talk to your partner (and a friend/relative that have had a baby recently), weigh in all the aspects before deciding (perhaps your current job is more suited for this stage of your life?).

    Good luck with everything


  • Depending on the company you will have to be working there for a period of time before you are entitled to any benefits you will have to speak to the company directly to see what they can offer you and tell them your circumstances and also if the job will be safe for you if you will be carrying the child and what they advise. Government funding is different to company funding for maternity pay e.g I work for tesco and I got 6 weeks full pay, 6 weeks at a higher maternity rate then 33 weeks at statutory government pay and then I still accrue my holidays from this year and last which can be added onto my maternity leave hope this helps

  • Thanks everyone for your replies... My new job will be working for the civil service, so I expect company policies / benefits are standard throughout, although I'm not certain. I personally would be working within the prison service. I didn't really think of how I might be feeling pregnancy and hormonal wise should I become pregnant during my probation. I was more worried about the financial complications of starting a new job. Where I am at the moment, I would just get the minimum on offer. I only work for a small company, which has 7 staff. I've been there almost 2 years. It's an easy enough job, and I sit down all day ( not good for the waistline at all. My new job would consist of being more active and involved, so I'd be busier. I'm a little torn as I like my present job, I just feel there may not be a lot of long term security in it, whereas surely you would have job and financial security within the civil service, plus all the other perks too.



  • You need to have a lo at your contract and family policy. I work in the NHS and it depends how long you have been working there in which benefits you get. If you have been working less than what's stipulated in your contract you might get less maternity pay. Eg my friend also NHS only gets 6weeks full pay then smp, whereas I has 8 weeks full pay followed by half pay for 18weeks and then smp for 3m.

  • Hope it all goes well for you! :)

    I would think carefully about the type of position you have been offered as well. I didn't realize the absolute level of exhaustion I had in the first trimester - I turned into a total couch potato, struggled to do anything bar work to be honest and I sit down all day at a desk! It totally knocked me for six & tbh I wasn't expecting that. I'm just into third trimester and feeling better but you need to be aware of the hormones and the way you may feel. I thought about changing jobs last year but then I thought, I've been working here 10 years, great benefits, great job to come back to after maternity leave, no stress, safe environment etc....think longer term as well.

    The website is best for advice, my place of work there is one payment for those who have been working there 6 months or more and another if you have been working a year or more. Also factor in that it may take a little while to get pregnant, doesn't always happen straight away.

    I wish you all the best with job and journey to getting pregnant, having a little one...x

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