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"Period" cramps

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and for the last couple weeks I've been woken up at 1-2am without fail to what feels like period cramps. There's no bleeding and nothing else untoward and a paracetamol and hot water bottle soothes it to get back to sleep. It's a dull ache more than a sharp pain. Is this normal? I don't like taking paracetamol every day but I don't know how else to stop it to let me sleep.

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Hey, am 16weeks with my second and i experienced it in both my first and now second from 6 to about 12 weeks when it calmed down.. its normal in pregnancy its your uterus muscles expanding to make room for the baby i had mine during the day and early morning whenever i would wake up as long as your not bleeding and their isnt any sharp unbarable pain you will be alright you can always speak to your midwife if you ever have concerns.

Best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy


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Hi, yes I got this too! I'm 25 weeks now and every now and then I feel like my skin and insides are stretching

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