Need advice

I'm 15 years old I had sex 5 times in 1 mouth 4 times pull out and 1 time he cumed inside me witch was the 12 of may been having cramps back pains and sore boobs sometimes and bleeding was. Due my period on the 23-28 had it for 4 days was on and off and still feel like shit every time I eat my belly becomes bloated scared I could be pregnent and scared if he did not pull out on time

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So you had your period? Have you done a pregnancy test? You can get one from any super market.

I think you need to go to get contraception sorted out if you intend to continue having sex. The pull out method is not reliable you can get pregnant even if he pulls out in time as pre-cum contains sperm. Make him use condoms or even better get contraception from your gp or family clinic. Also beware of stis... You're 15 don't ruin you life by having an unplanned child or disease.

Yes you could still be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test and use contraceptives if you don't want to get pregnant!

yes this means u are pregnant

Can I point out no it doesn't 'mean' she's pregnant. That's not helpful. The only way to know if she's pregnant it to do a pregnancy test.

Okay thanks

You really need to go to the gp or sexual health clinic to get a test done for STIs if you've not been using condoms.

Please use some contraception. Having a baby at 15 is not something you want to be doing!

You could have an STD, or be pregnant. Go to your GP, Gum clinic or sexual health clinic. You can go alone or take a friend.

Personally I would say if your not able to organise and use proper contraception then you shouldn't be having sex.

Hope it works out for you and you don't have a repeat of this situation.

Thanks for the replays I'm so scared as my boobs heart got cramps and every time I eat my belly becomes bloted woke up with really bad back pain today

Your stomach bloating when you eat is not a symptom of pregnancy. And you would be very early indeed for 'back pain'.

Honestly I think a lot of people read symptoms of pregnancy and imagine they have them. For MOST (but not all everyone is different) the first sign is a missed period, the potentially morning sickness.

The only way you can know for sure is to take a test.

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