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Early pregnancy bleeding

Hi, im wanting some reassurance as to what might be happening. I have done quite a few possible too many tests that have all come back positive over the weekend; cheap ones off eBay, 3 first response, Asdas own and 2 clear blue digital which show 1-2 weeks pregnant. Problem being i started bleeding as a usual period woild over saturday and Sunday. Has slowed down alot not just when i wipe (tmi). Anyone gone through the same thing early On?

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Hi,I had the same thing happening.

I expected my period around 1st of May then on the 2nd I started spotting thinking it is my period coming, but I learned that this is so called "implantation bleeding".It stopped in 2-3 days and I am now 8 weeks pregnant no bleeding at all,if it is clear red and loads of it go to your GP or A&E if you can't get an appointment soon.

Good luck,I am sure you will be fine


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