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Servere morning sickness


Hi just wondering if theres anyone I could possibly speak to about morning sickness. I am 7 weeks pregnant with my first child and I cannot keep anything down. Not even a sip of water. The thought of eating makes me sick in itself. I am worried that I will start to loose weight and it will affect my baby, I'm only 9stone as it is. I can't even speak to my friends and family about this as I haven't told anyone yet. I work in a children's hospital and have had to go on the sick due to having to run out of the cubicles to be sick so often which is not practical at all. I've tried all the remedies, been to the doctors he gave me

Tablets which I threw up shortly after taking them. I've brought the bands too which haven't worked. I'm really at a loose end now

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

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Hi there if it makes you feel any better I'm 13 weeks and still being sick and I can't keep food or water down I'm at my wits end crying everyday fed up weak an really dizzy hope u feel better soon Hun

Ljg1991 in reply to Babynumber3

I don't know wether this makes me feel better or worse lol I've had to go on the sick now :(

Babynumber3 in reply to Ljg1991

You will be ok your see xx

Poor you . It's so horrible feeling like that, and lonely if you can't discuss it. Try your GP again . There are anti sickness medications that can be dissolved under your tongue , so you don't have to swallow them. If you find you are not passing urine any more because you can't keep liquid down, you should see a doctor about that. Lack of food is unlikely to harm your baby, so try not to worry about that. Best wishes .


Hi there,

You have my sympathy - I had pregnancy sickness with my daughter from 7 weeks until 14 weeks and it was possibly the worst thing I have ever experienced! Being unable to keep food and water down is a symptom of Hyperemesis Gravidum, or severe pregnancy sickness. It is important that you speak to your GP and explain that you can't keep anything down, including the medication you were prescribed. If left untreated you could end up dehydrated and require a stay in hospital. I ended up with ketones in my urine as a result of my body using up the fat reserves for energy since I couldn't eat.

As difficult as it is, try not to worry about your baby. My GP likened it to a parasite, taking what it could from me whilst I was sick. It might have left me feeling awful, but it meant my baby would be completely unaffected.

Finally, if you do feel like eating, eat what you fancy. I lived on spicy noodles and sour Haribo at one point because that was all I could manage to keep down 😂

Good luck, and congratulations 💖

Ljg1991 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much x

I am at the very end of my first pregnancy (nearly 39w!) and felt awful from week 8-16. As someone said before: it was also the worst period of my life. I never have felt that bad. I had also migraine where I was throwing up + not eating for 3 days, went to GP- got medicine that dissolved under my tongue. Also had ketones in my urine, lost few kg (started off being just above 9st) it was unpleasant even to think of the food, forget about seeing or smelling it. Forced myself to try all kind of ginger produce to reduce the sickness- nothing really helped- and then on week 16 it went away and I started to feel alive and wonderful again!

I really hope it will pass soon for you!x

Hiya, I just want to say I know exactly how you feel! I'm 37+3 and unfortunately still have my sickness :( mine started at around 7weeks and has been continuous ever since. I got to a point I was that bad I was admitted to hospital as I couldn't even keep water down either. The hospital can put you on a drip to re-hydrate you and also give you an anti sickness injection which is what I had. I'm on medication which really does help most of the time and I have also tried all of the remidies old and new. Eating little and often when you can helps, and try still lucozade as this will help with your energy levels to. Hope things get easier for you :)

Hey how are you doing now ? My morning sickness has calm down loads only sick on an off day feeling much better I'm 15 weeks now and becoming more exsighted how about you my dear how's things going

Ljg1991 in reply to Babynumber3

Hello, still struggling with the sickness, it's not as bad, I'm sick once in the mornings when I first wake up and the night I just feel nauseas all day then and can only eat during the afternoons/evenings when I can actually stomach Anything. I'm still off work as I need to give 100% in the job I am in and don't feel like I'll be able to do that when I feel like this all the time. Not having a very good first experience ATM really but fingers crossed it will get better. X

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