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When will fertility Retuurn to normal?

Hi, New here.

I have been on cerazette for around a year, previously had the implant.

When I was first put on this pill (had implant removed) I made it clear that I had planned to start a family within the next year - the GP said this one is best as I would be able to get pregnant quiet quickly (as in - fertility returns to normal quickly). I have since been told that it will take 12 months for my fertility to return to normal and - i quote from the contraceptive nurse - 'oh you won't get pregnant within a year, definitely not'

Now i'm annoyed, as this is not what i was told to start with - I would have used condoms etc for the year before trying to conceive.

Has any one else been on this pill, how quickly did you get pregnant afterwards? Has your GP said anything different?

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Hi there,

I had a IUD for 4 years that I removed in April 2015 and was put in cerazete because of a previous hormonal imbalance. In August did all the pre-pregnancy consultations and, because I had to take a shot of rubeola, only in November stopped taking cerazzete. Got pregnant in February (and I was 37 at the time).

I guess that the most important thing is for you to relax and give yourselves plenty of time (most doctors only get concerned after two years trying) and remember to have fun ALL THE TIME not just during ovulation.

Best of luck



Thank you very much for your reply!

We are actually confirmed for IVF after 6 months unsuccessful trying - due to other/previous health issues. This is why I've been a little annoyed, at been told one thing and another!

Congratulations for your little one. Its nice to hear it didn't take a year! It will definitely all fun in this house!


Good luck with IVF, it's a quite stressful option so make sure to find relaxing distractions during that period.


Sounds like rubbish...with my first I was on implant then swapped to cerzatte came off it feb got one period and got pregnant within next month.

The depot can mess your fertility for a long time but the pill is much quicker... In fact if you miss too many pills you have a chance of getting pregnant!


Thank you!. I understand you can get pregnant missing even one pill, i was just irritated that the Nurse said she had never seen anyone get pregnant within the first year coming of cerazette.

I guess i just wanted to hear that it can happen - even if it may not for me, i know its a possibilty!


My daughter is 3 years old now and I caught pregnant on this mini pill after using it for 6 years and I was 31 at the time.

All the best x


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