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Need advice please

Hi there. I am really new to this but I was hoping someone out there has experienced this or can offer any help. I took a home pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and I am pregnant! With everything on internet and apps I thought I was about 5weeks. I went to hospital last week as I was in soo much pain and once they did altrasound I was told it was a sist and that she could hardly see the sac which isn't normal for 5weeks. She said I may not be as far along as I though but I told doc when last period was and he seemed concerned. I am not bleeding and I get a few cramps every now and then. Does this mean since sac is hardly visible and no yolk that I am going to have a miscarriage very soon? I have wanted a baby for years and now I am just scared

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Hi Nicole. It is very difficult for a non professional - or even a professional to tell you if you are going to have a miscarriage. there could be a number of reasons why you are feeling pain. Cramping in early pregnancy can be normal, as it can be "implantation". Your GP/Doctor is the best person to speak with, and you can always consult your early pregnancy unit (EPU). I was scanned by the EPU at 6 weeks and then a few days later, and the difference was clear to them - and they gave me advice on how to manage.

Think positively and definitely speak to your GP or EPU xxxx

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I am going to see my doc every week right now to keep us both updated. Thank you soo much!

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Are they planning to do another scan? If not I would insist on another scan, as that is the only way to know what is going on. Was it a vaginal or abdominal scan? An abdominal scan is much less helpful so early on in the pregnancy.

The fact you aren't bleeding is a good thing, however unfortunately it is a little bit of a waiting game at this point in the pregnancy. I had a scan at 5 weeks during my first pregnancy and they couldn't see much apart from a sac, however two weeks on they did see a heart beat and now my daughter is 18months old!


They did an abdominal altrasound and couldn't see anything so they did an internal one and that's when they saw the sac. I did blood work 3days ago to check if my hormone numbers went up but since its monday I won't get until later this week. I am happy for you and your daughter! I hope I am just as lucky.


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