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Hello kind people, I am 30+3 weeks pregnant and had the glucose test last week. I just received an appointment to see the diabetes midwife, so I assume I did not pass. I am so depressed about it, I have always watched my diet and have never been overweight - in fact I have battled with anorexia for most of my life. I obviously boosted my intake when I found out I was pregnant, but mostly fresh fruit and raw vegetables with only the occasional chocolate biscuit. Without knowing what I have done to create this situation, I do not know what to change to help it. I can only think that the couple of glasses of fruit juice a day and those occasional biscuits have done damage because my body was not used to it. I am not in any high risk category and do not have a history of it in the family.

I would really appreciate any advice about what I should be eating until I get some clarification at my appointment? Has anyone else had the same problem?

Lots of thanks in advance.

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Hi hun please don't stress I craved fruit with my little boy which is full of natural sugar I ate it thinking it was really good for me and baby (over 3 years ago now) I ended up just going with the flow now have a very active 3 year old boy who loves fruit x

Thanks Yogi, that does make me feel better. I thought that fruit sugar was a "good" kind and wouldn't cause this sort of problem, I guess some re-education is needed. Thanks again for your help x

Nope all sugar was bad I ended up living on omelettes and stir-fry lol but I was lucky only had a 4 lb baby x

Ps good luck x

Ok :( i'll stick to that kind of thing until my appointment, thanks. Do annoying as I have a gluten intolerance too, I'm going to be very limited! Thanks for your help x

It's not necessarily something you did. These are things that happen, sometimes you're just predisposed to it. Can I ask why they checked for diabetes in the first place if you have no history and you're not overweight? Didn't think they did this routinely.

I think it was my urine sample but not 100% sure. I went for my 28wk scan and was booked in for the glucose test then. I didn't think I had the symptoms, but they seem to be common anyway - I do have swollen feet and need the loo every hour, but at what point are these things beyond normal pregnancy complaints?? Anyway, they didn't ask any of those questions so that can't have been the reason for the test. I will ask at my diabetes midwife appointment.

Thanks for replying :)


Hope you are well. I also used to drink a lot of juices later just to find juices contain more sugar. So, my midwife had suggested me to go for fresh fruits rather than having juice. I used to mix fruit and make juices as I hardly liked to eat fruits.

Anyways, good luck and take care. Wish you all healthy and happy pregnancy...

Thanks Ranju, Yogi was saying that all sugars contribute to it, including natural fruit sugars :( I had even been drinking juice with no added sugar, but that's still 9% RDA per glass! I'm quite shocked. Thanks for your kind words though, it helps to know I haven't done anything out of the ordinary x

When I was told I had it I joined a Facebook page that was so helpful. It had loads of articles and recipes and mums often posted about advice and bloods etc. I followed the GD diet until my second test which confirmed I didn't have it. The first one was mixed up with someone else's so I followed the diet for about a week.

It was Gestational Diabetes UK and you have to request to join the group and follow their guidelines e.g. no advertising etc x

Thank you Juliasss, I will seek them out. I will also cross my fingers that they got mine wrong too, but won't hold my breath! What's involved in the second test? The letter doesn't mention fasting, or much at all to be honest! Just says I have to allow up to three hours, which is pretty standard.

My first results were clearly wrong as they didn't match the norm so you won't be offered a second unless they think they are wrong. They must have found glucose in your urine. I requested a test as there is a family history in mine and two sisters had it. If you defo have it when you go in, you will speak with a dietitian who will help you. You'll also have more check ups and scans to keep an eye on baby. Good luck 😉

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