I am currently 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my 3rd baby. Both of my other children were born before their due dates (daughter 8 days and son 4 days). The heat at the moment has got me feeling rotten, my feet and hands are swollen, which is not something I've ever suffered from before, and I just feel gross and uncomfortable all the time.

My son who is 2 has turned into a little monster being cooped up as I can't leave the house for very long due to needing the loo every 10 minutes and I'm feeling really down about everything, crying at the drop of a hat. I know that it probably has a lot to do with my hormones too. I'm just after a little reassurance that this is a normal thing and I'm not suffering from some kind of antenatal depression?

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Hi,Iam Edina....Im just wanna ask how many days they wait for starting birth because Iam the same weeks old like you and Im so worried,because in my country they send to the hospital and do something....I was sent message to my midwife but she did not answer and I do not have nobody here to give more info. I was reading this is your 3rd preg and all of overdue...thanks your answer xxx

I'm in the UK, here it depends on what the hospital's policy is. My hospital let you go 10 days over your due date, I do know that other hospitals will let patients go upto 14 days. However there is nothing saying that you have to have your labour induced after those 10 days, it is completely your choice, they will monitor your pregnancy closely and should support your decision. Good luck x

Me too Iam in Uk,just I do not know how does it work here..in my country after due date 4-5days later need go to hospital and they give something for starting birth,because everything inside getting old and it is no good for the baby and for you,And after due date every day checking,but here is nothing check.I do not want to risk my baby without any checking... But I hope few days and starting everything naturally. xxx

If you have any worries speak to your midwife as she should be able to better advise how services in your area work. I hope you get the information to ease your worries. Good luck for the birth xxx

Sorry you're suffering so much Mrs Wade, it must be hell in this heat. I am only 30wks and suffering the same, plus itching driving me crazy and making me snappy. I think it's perfectly natural to be in such discomfort in your condition, I swear I'm going to plan better and have a winter pregnancy with my second child! It must be awful not being able to run about after your son too, I can imagine he sees an opportunity to push his boundaries. Shows what a smart lad he is, though that probably doesn't help your state of mind right now.

Do you have any relatives or friends who would be willing to take him for a few hours? A break sounds necessary, put your feet up and be kind to yourself. Failing that, a bowl of cold water for your feet and a static water fight with him might help both of you..? If you have any outdoor space, that is.

Best of luck and cool wishes x

Thanks so much for your kind words. Grandma rang just after I posted and has taken the older ones for a couple of hours.

Re your itching, have you had any blood tests for it? X

Yes, lots! It's an allergy thing which has gone into overdrive during pregnancy. Thanks for checking though :)

Glad you are getting a bit of a break, I hope it makes a difference. I have to keep reminding myself that this isn't forever, is for the greater good, etc etc., but with other kids you can't have much time to centre your thoughts and relax. I was lead to believe that everyone is as uncomfortable as I am, it must be even more of a shock to the system if you didn't go through it with previous pregnancies. You have all my sympathy, for all the good that does! X

I'm glad to hear that. It is definitely for the greater good. I'm just taking badly to being past my due date. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly xxx

Thanks ❤ and you, I'm sure you won't be waiting much longer to meet your latest addition xxx

It sounds like hard work having two already and being overdue with another. It must be even worse that your other two were before their due date. My son was 2 weeks late and it was that hot summer two years ago. I was so irritable and annoyed. I couldn't keep cool and I was fed up with getting text messages asking if I had had the baby yet. All things that wouldn't usually bother me much! I think it's probably a combination of everything and you just wanting the baby to be here now! Hopefully they will be here soon!

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