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16wks and chronic diarrhoea for 8 days

I am 16wks pregnant. I have had diarrhoea for 8 days now. By about day 4 it was like liquid and is very frequent.

I have no pain and no other symptoms.

I called the midwife after 24hrs, saw the doctor on day 3 and my temp/blood pressure was normal. Submitted a stool sample which I found out today has come back normal!

I am going so frequently I can't go out for exercise, I am taking vitamin supplements but cannot eat the fruit and veg I would like to be, given my pregnancy.

Surely this cannot just be a side effect if pregnancy? I am up at 4am, by the time I left the house to go to work today I had been 4 times, and I nearly didn't make it home in time (40 min drive). I am going 2-4 times an hour, depending on if I move around much.

Has anyone else experienced this please? 😕

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Doesn't sound normal to me Hun. See a different Dr and demand answers!

Not sure if you can take anything in pregnancy to replenish the salts etc you are losing. And try to drink as much water as possible.

Good luck.

Have you thought about calling NHS 111


Thanks, seeing the midwife tomorrow with my over-protective sister so will hopefully get somewhere then.

Drinking lots, have been recommended isotonic sports drinks for electrolytes... just walking like John Wayne now!

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Yes I experienced the same thing. From about week 5 to week 9 I had really bad diarrhoea. Was basically going multiple times a day (almost every time I went to wee I would almost need to do a number 2 as well) and had no other symptoms. At the time I didn't know I was pregnant so I thought it was due to stress at work!! Eventually it calmed down but it was a painful 4 weeks of toilet visits.

Have you have any blood tests done or anything?

Make sure to drink lots but I'd be careful how much caffeine is in some isotonic drinks. Berocca is also a good way to get your vitamins down if you can't eat properly.

Good luck!

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Thanks that's really good to know. Seeing the midwife in a couple if hours do will check if I should be having some blood tests... still going 9 days strong! 😯

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Oh you poor thing, it's not fun I feel your pain!

If it's any consolation, I went from constant diarrhoea to full blown constipation as I had a blood test done when I found out I was pregnant at 10 weeks and my iron levels were horrifically low so I was put on iron tablets as well as taking Pregnacare. The tablets make you constipated and I've had this all through my second the third trimester. It's like one thing or another wth my bowels during this pregnancy!

I hope your blood tests come back OK and hopefully the diarrhoea will go soon x

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Pregnancy can make your vowels go crazy ESP if already have a tendency to ibs, and not much you can take whilst pregnant. Just beware what you eat might need to have drier things like pasta/rice/bread. Make sure you're indulging on sugar free stuff (sweets/chewing gum etc) as sweetness can act as a is a laxative. If you're concerned about the fluids ur loosing get some diarholyte. These are Rehydration sachets not medication per se so safe in pregnancy.

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