Bright red bleeding 4 weeks after birth, only breastfeeding, need advice!

I gave birth to my daughter 4 weeks ago today, bright red Lochia for first couple of days tailing off after a few weeks, last 2 weeks it's been white/yellow discharge. thought no more of it even been using sanitary towels rather than maternity pads for the last few days. But I woke up this morning with bright red blood, looks to be quite a lot on sanitary towel, and a lot of tissue after I went to the loo. Partner thinks it may be a period but I am not sure as it seems to soon as I am only breastfeeding, I am not even expressing milk, just feeding her from me! Normally with 99% of my periods over the last 15 years I get period cramps before I bleed- I have had none with this bleed, Has anyone else experienced anything like is so soon after birth while beastfeeding? Any advice welcome! Thanks Rebecca x

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  • As you are breastfeeding it's unlikely you'd get your period so soon yes! I have had a couple of friends though who has that happen but then no period for like a year.

    However as it's so soon after birth I would see your gp. My friend had simila happen and they gave her a scan. She still have some of the lochia coming out so they said give it another couple of weeks and if not gone they'd give her a d&c. She didn't need it though.

  • It's really strange, it smells like a period-that's so gross I no! Not had any big clots, have decided to give it a few days then phone gp. I feel well enough in myself, and last night I had period cramps! Thanks for advice x

  • I bled for c. 6 weeks after my little one. Breastfeeding. However if it a large amount you should get it checked out

  • It is quite a large amount same as a medium period, last night I had period cramps! Going to give it a couple of days before phoning gp, only because I have had to phone him a lot in past 4 weeks because of my newborn, and other things, feel a bit awkward phoning him yet again! He would probably say to watch it anyway! Thanks for advice x

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