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I'm about 9 weeks pregnant and the increase in discharge is crazy! Is this normal? I'm stressing out as I feel that it's almost yellow or green sometimes but sometimes white! I read that white is normal? When I look at the discharge coming out it looks white and maybe a bit thick but when I wipe on the tissue it's more yellow. Is this ok? I've had my booking appointment, so they check for all stil and stuff? I'm wearing a pad and if I don't feel it come out and look later it's yellow in the pad. It doesn't itch or burn but I'm so stressed out about it! Sorry for the tmi!! It doesn't smell bad to me but then I'm not exactly sure what it should smell like? Maybe it does smell but I'm used to it? Help!!

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It could be normal as v. Discharge does increase a fair amount. They don't normally check for that sort of things when you see the midwives, so you have to specifically mention/ask about it.

I was concerned during my first pregnancy because I had odd coloured discharge for a few months. I had swabs taken and testEd and all came back normal. There was no symptoms of infections or anything, just the colour which changed even to an orange colour at one point. It went on its own and my son is now nearly 2. This time I haven't had that at all. I was told it can be normal due to hormone changes if swabs are normal!

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Where do you go to get tested? Just for peace of mind! It's not like we have enough to stress about lol xx

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I just went to the GP!

I've had this too I had this from really early on (it was how I knew I was pregnant) - it's just a change of hormones I wouldn't worry too much. Sometimes you can get quite a lot of it and I've panicked and had to rush to the loo thinking maybe it was something else there's been that much of it! I'm now 27 weeks and it's only increasing! so don't worry everyone's bodies are just different. Even if early on it's like a browny colour I wouldn't worry that will just be old blood being flushed from your system. Just make sure you have all your tests for infection done at your appointment but I'm sure you have nothing to worry about xx

Oh my god YES I had the same thing! I'll warn you now you might want to stock up on pantyliners cos I've had it all through my pregnancy and now I'm 4 days late and still get heavy discharge.

I went to my midwife about it and she said it's completely normal but it was just really annoying. I'd literally go for a wee and wipe myself clean, pull my pants up and wash my hands then 20 seconds later it would be like my fanny just did a massive sneeze and more discharge came out! It became a regular thing after wiping myself clean when I could almost guarantee it would happen within the next 30 seconds so I'd sit a little longer on the loo after wiping!

But yes it is completely normal. Just make sure you keep an eye on it and it doesn't turn in to something like thrush which you'll have to get treated.

Good luck with your pregnancy! X

It sounds normal and similar to what I had. But your best seeing midwife or GP just in case. Because your newly pregnant your body cleans itself more which is the cause of pregnancy discharge. No foul smell is good!! Your more likely to get things like thrush and discharge etc when pregnant xzz

Me too - changed knickers 2x day 🙈

Yellow is apparently normal but if you are concerned about an infection or STD then go to your local STD/ family planning clinic or your GPayPal.

Thanks guys! I bit the bullet today and wen to have a swab! Just got to wait for the results!

Fingers crossed!

So I finally got my test results back and everything is normal! Even though I can't believe that the amount coming out is normal, at least there's no infection!! Thanks for all your comments :) I have my 12 week scan tomorrow! Xx

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