Can somebody help me with some advice :)


My names SheRee I'm 23years Old

I found out i'm Pregnant a Few days ago by a home pregnancy test, I think i'm around 5 weeks Pregnant. I've been feeling some Crampy feelings in my stomach last night and night before i'm worried does anyone know what It could be or if it's something I don't need to worry about. I have no family and no friends so I'm very much alone as I have been moved away from my home town to a different city by Woman's domestic abuse, I have been trying to get in the doctors for the 1st time since I found out i'm pregnant to get it confirmed and ask about the pain but they have not got any appointments for nearly a month If somebody could get back to me it would really put my mind at rest.

thank-you in advance

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Hello sweetie!

First of all congratulations!

As regarding your question I was told by the midwife when I was pregnant that if there's no bleeding you shouldn't worry, If you only made one test I would tell you to do another just in case... But schedule an appointment with your GP or if the clinic allows, any GP available as soon as possible. They will not confirm that you are pregnant, they will hear you and begin the process so you will get a midwife appointment and a date to make a screening test that will confirm your pregnancy. But I would say it's pretty normal what you are feeling, is your body dealing with the changes that are coming...

Good luck! wish you the best

Thanks :) yeah I did One test 3 days ago and another test the next morning after the first and both came up very quick and two very strong lines but because my periods have never been very regular i'm not too sure when my last period was so i'm not too sure how far gone I am, I have got a doctors appointment this morning so fingers crossed that everything's fine :) Thanks for the reply xx

I was 5-6 weeks when my cramping started I had it left side just above my belly button and cramps like period round my pelvis I went to the docs they were a little conserned so sent me up for a early scan!.. the left side cramps were to do with my bowel ( obviously constipated without knowing 😳).. cramps were normal they said because I always had quite bad cramping Every month with my cycle.. I also found out babies are healthy and yes it was twins!!! So excited! Anyways what I'm trying to say is always best to get things checked but please don't worry to much because there is always an answer to things!! Hope it goes ok! I am now 9+3 x

Thanks very much yeah mines like period pains kind of but I did also struggle with cramps when on my period Like you but i'm at the doctors this morning for My first appointment so I will explain everything to him I cant wait to get it all confirmed I have done more than one test and they both came up very dark two lines and I did them both in the morning with my first wee :)

congratulations twins wow bet your soo excited two little cuties :D

Thanks for replying feel so much at ease with someone to talk to about it.


Hey Hun,

Congratulations. In the first few weeks of my pregnancy I got some horrible cramps, the midwife explained to me it was normal. It's either the implantation or your womb stretching making room for its new lodger :)

Hot water bottles, paracetamol and baths all helped ease mine. Losly fitted clothing like pjs, -and just wait it out.

If the cramps get too bad ring 111 for advice, or any widwife :) hope your feeling better soon xx

Thank you very much I was getting really worried, so are you allowed to take paracetamol ? I read the packet and it said speak to a doctor or pharmacist before so I didn't want to take any. :) thanks again for the reply :D

Paracetamol is fine. Just make sure it's not the ones that have extra caffeine in them. Paracetamol is all your allowed to take when pregnant so stock up in them haha!! Anything else has to be given by a doctor.

It should start to pass soon! Your first pregnancy is horrible because you don't know what to expect. I found myself googling everything for the first few weeks. There further on you get the easier it becomes as you start getting used to what's what and you'll start to feel the baby moving around and kicking! Hope your feeling better xx

Pregnancy hormones make your bowels slow down and feeling very crampy. I was in excrutiating pain for several weeks until I found out at 6 weeks that I was pregnant and added more fibre in my diet.

Congratulations and good luck with it all.

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