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Just started new job and think it might be risky when pregrant! Don't want to tell boss yet?

Hi all,

I just started a job I really want, it's on an animal/petting kids farm. I didn't know I was pregnant when I accepted but have found out since. After my first couple of days I've realised I could be kicked by ponies/ donkeys or catch infections from some of the animals. I worked with cats and dogs throuought my last pregnancy and was just careful. If I leave now I will have nothing and I need the money! I don't want to tell my new boss yet. We lost our last baby at 8 weeks (I'm about 5 now)....

Heads in a whirl! Any advice?


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Do some research. Legally I'm pretty sure they need to accommodate you. Give you different duties etc.

Basically they can't fire you because your pregnant. Your baby must come first! Don't be scared and don't let them push you around.

Might be worth signing up to a union like unite. I think it's like £6 a month. But they would represent you in a tribunal and give you advise.

Good luck.

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Thanks they do seem nice! She said in the interview that me being a mum already automatically put me towards the top of her list. I just wanted to make a good impression before I dropped the bombshell.... kind of wanted to wait until my scan before I tell them because we lost one before. Just not sure if I should wait or not!


Don't wait Hun. There's no need. Let them support you.

The more help you get the better!

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I do know that you can't be around new lambs, or sheep during lambing season when pregnant as there is a real risk of toxoplasmosis, similar to the advice on cats and cat poo so I think you really need to tell them asap.


I agree with Mel27 about the lambs, was told to stay away from them during pregnancy and lambing season, so check your local area on when lambing season is. I live on Dartmoor so it's not easy to escape the sheep but it can be managed so long as you're sensible and use common sense, I.e don't touch or pick up anything with bare hands (I wore gloves) and wash hands and shoes after going for walks! Lambing season finished here (south west UK) around Easter time so depending where you are you might be ok.

I own cats and chickens and I've been ok- just made sure to wear gloves when handling the chicken poo and cleaning them out but I haven't changed the way I handle my cats and their poo/wee, just made sure I thoroughly washed my hands after poop scooping as normal. I also do the same with my in-laws dogs and all fine. I'm now 3 days away from my due date so those have all been fine.

Good luck with your pregnancy! X


I told my employer around 8 weeks pregnant, because I worked in hospitality and you usually have to handle a lot of heavy stuff, run around, no time to sit down etc.. I was also afraid, because I miscarried before at 11 weeks, but looking back, I'm really glad that I told him. It helped a lot. But If you can manage to be safe without telling anyone, I understand that it can be more comfortable to speak about it after that 12 week scan, so you can be a bit more sure that everything is fine. If you can't though, you should tell them.


Just seen your post. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR JOB. You are entitled to maternity allowance of you have been working for a while. Your employer is not legally obliged to offer you alternative duties until YOU TELL THEM YOU ARE PREGNANT. Due to the risks involved you should tell them asap, preferably but email so they have to carry out a risk assessment for you. Good luck x


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