Morning sickness hell

Hi I'm 14weeks pregnant and feel awful. I've had constant severe nausea since 10 weeks but it's got so bad now that I can barely eat and feel better if I don't eat except for the belly ache I get if I don't.. I've already started losing weight and I've tried seeing my gp who has given me some anti sickness tablets but I reacted to them so I'm trying new ones but I just can't see an end to this terrible feeling.. I don't know what to do next.. Any advice?

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  • Unfortunately it's a matter of trying different food/ fluids small and often. Are you things aren't worse when hungry? I used to get sick first thing with my first one unless I ate before I got out of bed... So kept a banana by my bed, and had lots of fruit snacks. When I didn't eat I just felt worse

  • I feel for you, had the same from 6 weeks and also couldn't eat until after numerous trips to the GP was diagnosed with HG and began a process of trying different meds and doses until we found one that worked. It was the third drug I tried and then second dose combination that finally worked. Between week 6-9 I couldn't eat a thing, nothing would stay down and in the end not eating at that time was the only solution to not vomiting. I stayed on the meds religiously until 21 weeks then came off them and wasn't sick again but have had constant nausea throughout the entire pregnancy. I'm now 39 weeks!!! Can't believe we've made it! Once I managed to stop the vomiting then began a process of discovering what I could eat and drink which minimised rather than maximised the nausea for me. This ended up for me being, grapefruit (tinned, fresh and juice), prawn mayo sandwiches, chicken mayo sandwiches, sometimes crumpets and sometimes ice cream or yoghurt. I have honestly survived the entire pregnancy just eating these foods. Our baby has grown on the middle centile throughout as per our first pregnancy (also a girl) and I have just managed the symptoms best I can with lots of rest, no social life past 6pm (when I'm tired I feel sicker!) and starting my maternity leave at the earliest opportunity to facilitate this. I felt at the beginning that I couldn't envisage surviving this pregnancy, I felt like I was dying in the beginning.... you will find methods and ways of making it easier...but sadly in my experience it just falls to you to do that.... HG isn't yet as medically recognised by professionals as it should be given how common I have discovered it is!

  • Aww it sounds like u have had it rough too.. My gp won't even look at hg for me as I'm not vomiting just nauseous consistently so don't see it as a problem but to me it is a problem I have a full 40hr job to try and keep up with. But at the moment I'm bed bound..i may start a diary to see if there is a pattern.. Gp has put me on prochlorperazine tablets so hopefully they will help in a couple of days.. Thanks xx

  • One thing I wish I had done with the benefit of hindsight is contact my midwife instead of trying to work with the GP. When I saw her after the worst had passed she looked at my GP notes and was surprised/also offered to refer me to a HG unit at Birmingham women's hospital. It was too late by this point so not worth the added complication but if this intervention had been applied earlier I wouldn't have ended up signed off work for a month just trying to survive each day!!! Madness!!! In the end the drug that is branded as Avalon (travel sickness drug) worked for me. Taken twice daily 12 hours apart.

  • I haven't even got contact details for my midwife.. If these tablets don't work i may try finding out her details n see what she says.. I guess they see n hear of it more often.. Only thing I can tolerate is ice lollies and mash potatoe.. It's something tho x

  • I have no advice on how to make it better unfortunately :( but I had horrible nausea and headaches and flu like symptoms from 4 weeks (before i even knew i was pregnant), and i'm now 24/25 weeks and honestly it's not been that long since i've been feeling better... it's been horrible and i've hated every minute of the past 20 weeks! and now the aching and pains have started haha! just know that you will get over this as horrendous as it. just try to look forward to the outcome of having a lil baba to cuddle instead of the toilet bowl :) hope it goes away soon for you! good luck

  • Morning sickness is awful but I'm not personally sure what they can do if it's nausea rather than vomiting as I don't know if the drugs just stop vomiting if you see what I mean?

    I was being sick around ten times a day and took some tablets but although they helped me keep water down they didn't touch nausea. I think the idea is to just help you keep some food and water in you.

    When I got to 30 weeks the nausea finally went. When I was being nauseous but not vomiting anymore after 20 weeks I found eating little and often really helped.

  • I was the same, I got morning sickness really late on and had it until about 16 weeks. Don't even try to eat it drink anything acidly as it tastes horrible on the way back Up. Everyone told me to try bananas ( I can't eat them unfortunately so I don't know how well they work but heard from a number of people that they work a treat) for me i made sure I took pregnancy vitamins everyday so baby was still getting everything she needed and drank plenty of water, I also mannaged to keep cups of tea down! Nibble of plain biscuits or crackers just for energy but keep foods as simple and tastkesss as possible and wait it out. If it's not passed in a few weeks speak to the midwife. For me I spent through most of it. I felt so run down and had no energy that sleep was the best thing for me.

    Hope it passes soon and good luck xxx

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