Disappointing Dating Scan :(

I'm 12 weeks 3 days pregnant I know this because my dates are spot on me and Boyf only had sex on February 26th, March 1st and March 4th nothing since and my early scan dated me at 8 weeks 3 days on April 18th. I spotted/bled/lost tissue (all of that) from weeks 5-7 it stopped then spotting returned at 8weeks 2 days then stopped at 8 weeks 5 days.

Today I had my 12 week scan baby was curled up so sonographer couldn't do any measurements at all and all she told me is heartbeat is 100% there and that I need scanned again next week. This has done nothing to ease my fears anybody had this and everything been okay ??

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Bleeding is very common in early pregnancy. I had a lot of spotting with my first who is now 17months old.However if the ultrasound shows a good strong heartbeat that does mean that everything is ok. If things had gone wrong (aka miscarriage) you wouldn't see a heart beat.

It just worries me more because baby wouldn't move at all - the sonographer even made me walk round for 15 minutes but when I went back in the baby hadn't budged at all, she only said the heartbeat was definitely there nothing about it being strong, she even refused to give me the beats per minute and I couldn't have a photo either she said no and wouldn't print one, yet at my 8 week scan I was told the hb was strong and I got a photo. Feels like there is something the sonographer isn't telling me.

My baby was the most stubborn little mile at both my scans I'm 31 weeks now the 12 weeks scan baby was upside down and wouldn't budge then the 20 weeks scan baby had legs crossed and over head with hands In front of face and still wouldn't budge I had to go back in 3 times after jumping the hospital corridors just to get all the measurements but still couldn't be sure on gender as baby wouldn't uncross legs. We booked a private scan and baby was upside down again but finally got gender but had to go back for decent pics and had a sneak 4d which wasn't very clear as baby had decided they wanted to put my face up uterus wall lol

Babies don't move on command.

Btw the dates are calculated from last period not from date of conception (aka when you had intercourse). I'm not sure how they could do an accurate date tho if they couldn't measure baby. The heart rate at this point doesn't really matter, it's not regular at this point. The important thing it is present. Are you have the Nuchal thickness measured (part of Down syndrome screen)? Did they say you had to go back?

*just noticed you're going back next week... Seems like the ultrasonographer is doing things properly to get the measurements, so doesn't sound like you need to putting her motives in doubt

They didn't do a date this time that's what I mean no measurements whatsoever could be taken as baby was curled up, the only way I know is because of my lmp and my cycle which is 35 days and when I had to be scanned at the EPU on April 17th, they measured me at 8 weeks 3 days and that lined up precisely with my dates.

Yes have opted for the tests for Downs (wouldn't make any difference to me in terms of having baby but I'm 35 and I'd like a heads up at least as far as downs goes) and also for Patau and Edwards syndromes << I'm terrified of either one of those because I know how that turns out.

I suffer with anxiety at the best of times, I've wanted a baby all of my life but it has only been 2 years that I met someone who has wanted to be with me (past relationships were always brief so kids were never tried for). I m/c last year at 5wks and with the issues I have had this time I'm so afraid.

Using the date of 4th march, and having the scan on April 17th that would make you about 8 weeks pregnant then. So that's right.

It does seem odd to me you couldn't get a measurement as 12 weeks babies are usually quite active but perhaps they were asleep when you went? The great thing is you have the heart beat. So hopefully next week all will show properly x

I can imagine how you feel & I see you're getting worried, but please don't, as that's won't change much. Now focus on eating healthy (if you can) and being calm.

I was spotting on few occasions during weeks 4-7 (every forthright) and now I am about to give a birth, so spotting (unless it's red and a lot of it) is nothing much to worry about.

Just try to do something that takes your mind off untill the next appointment. Fingers crossed that next time the baby will be less shy/sleepy and more wriggly :)

PS: one 20 week scan he was too shy so we did not know if it's not/girl, so we went for a private scan on week 25 and just at the very end of session for a split second we saw his private bits :)

I had some spotting in the early weeks of pregnancy too ( and i panicked so much so that i didnt want to go to toilet .

I had my 18-20 week scan a couple of weeks ago & baby was being very stubborn - legs were firmly closed so no one could find out the sex . Baby doesnt know whats happening xxxx

Keep calm with it all - one thing that i have learnt is that stress is no good for mum and baby xxxx

I wouldn't worry. She said the heartbeat was there so that's good. At my 20 week scan my baby wouldn't move so I had to get up and walk around to encourage him to move.

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