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13 Day Old Bad Colic, Any Decent Medicines Out There?

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We think our 13 day old has colic, she screams in waves, clenched fists, kicks feet, can't lie on back. Yesterday she cried on and off from 2pm-7pm and again 10pm-4am without any sleep, we have tried all natural ways to calm her from carrying her in colic positions to pushing Pram, I can't hold her as I'm breastfeeding and as soon as she comes to me it's like she can sense or smell milk and she starts rooting even if she's only just fed but if my partner takes her off me she stops rooting, just getting worried as partner goes back to work Wednesday, and he's gone form 4pm till late (when her colic is at its worst). Has anyone used medicines to calm colic? Did they work? Any advice is much appreciated, Rebecca

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I found comfort milk to be the best to be honest Hun, and I tried a lot of different stuff. I know your breast feeding but it might be worth a shot, certainly helped with my son.

The milk protein in the comfort milk is partly broken down, so much easier to digest. You can also buy this stuff called colief - not sure if suitable for breastfeeding - ask your chemist. It's expensive so if it works I know you can get it on prescription.

I also found that sleep was 90% better on his front - see how good your child's head control is, if she is very floppy I probably wouldn't.

And I found after changing his milk to comfort the best way to settle him was lying him (on his tummy) across my thighs. I would gently sway my legs side to side and rubbed his back.

Good luck - colic is hard work.

Hi hun. I feel your pain. It's dreadful. I'm also exclusively Breast feeding my little one.

We tried everything, from infacol, to gripe water, laying down sitting up, pushing in pram, driving in car, in thee d we found out he had silent reflux. Obviously lack of symptoms left him undiagnosed for a long time.

Look out for back arching, hi pitched screaming, no tolerance to laying on their back,it may be that it's down to.

I've also read about a charity called cry-sis (google it) and it's a line dedicated to colic and the stress that comes with it.

I wasn't willing to give up with breast feeding, and I'm still doing it now. He is on a low dose reflux treatment, which has helped.

I remember the dread of DH going back to work. The early days are tough. I know it sounds like a cliche and you feel like Wholloping anyone that says it, but your going through the tough bit now and it will pass.

You will be ok hun ❤️😘 Xxxx

I now think it's silent reflux not colic! Keeping her upright for a hour after a feed seems to really help, going to give it a few days before we try any medicine! Xx

It sounds much more likely to me. The time periods of crying you have mentioned will probably be linked to feeds. The constant rooting you mentioned makes sense as that's exactly what Charlie did. They told me it's because breast milk contains an analgesic, and babies know this. It's for comfort. Problem is, in response to the feed the stomach will then produce the acid to digest the milk. It's kind of like a dog chasing it's tail scenario. The pediatrician told me to try and avoid comfort feeding. And I was like eerr how am I supposed to know the difference. Lol

The upright feed will absolutely help. Is your baby bed sharing? Or cot/Moses basket? Charlie pretty much demanded to be held all night, so he bed shared because I was literally running on empty and for the sake of my other kids I needed sleep. So I propped him in an almost semi vertical position, and that really helped him. If your baby is in a cot, elevate it on one side. The sloped position will also help. We used a travel air pillow just to create that incline.

Wind travels hand in hand with reflux. That may be bothering the baby too. Gently cycling the legs can help that. You can use infacol to tide you over until the 1 month mark, then gripe water is much more effective.

If it's colic it will pass, if it's silent reflux, which I think it is, you will need help. Silent reflux sucks because if your baby is like mine, and doesn't vomit, gains weight normally etc like Charlie did it's easy to miss. Don't worry about an elimination diet, if your little one had lactic allergy they would vomit.

Hiccups. Wet burps, and lots of clear liquid along with random movements like thrashing his head to one side and clenched fists. All subtle indicators. Oh and the incessant none stop inconsolable crying. Not so subtle!!

I remember being so jealous of other mums with their 'Content happy babies' sleeps all night.. yada yada lol I was at my wits end!!

He's taking small doses of ranitidine right now and it DOES get better ❤️ Promise !! X

Yes bed sharing and we have put a folded towel under her top half, seemed to help last night, she doesn't seem to wind easily we can be at it for ages in every position and not get anything.

Spoke to health visitor today she didn't recommend anything 😥 But I'm 95% sure it's silent reflux as she always gets hiccups as well as most of the other symptoms.

I no it will get better with time just feel bad in partner as we only have 1 bedroom, and he's back to work tomorrow and he's going to be shattered it's ok 4 me as I'm home all day I don't have to go to work! Xx

I known the feeling Hun. I didn't get anywhere with the HV but went to GP and she was great as she has her own kids. Hope things improve for you all xx

Had to go to doctor today after a rough 24 hours, told him it was silent reflux, so he prescribed some infant gaviscon, we will c how she gets on! Xx

Ok, that's good, its renowned for causing constipation so make sure she's having plenty of feeds, that can be swapping one set of problems for another. and if you don't think it's working after a few days go back and they will switch you to ranitidine which is what Charlie's on. No problems so far on it.

Don't worried about the cabbage smelling wind it's supposed to be a side effect x lol good luck

Ok thanks,she's only doing 1 poo every 24 hours so will watch closely,she's finally fallen asleep she starting choking a minute, and I think it frightened her, certainly did me! Xx

Omg I hate that gagging and choking. He does that when he's in his cot. One poo a day is good. Charlie sometimes goes 4 days without one. He's very uncomfortable by the last day. i hope this is the solution for you hun I know how draining it can be. Xx

My daughter around 6 weeks grew to become colicky. We spent hours at night time with a crying youngster. Around three months it quite bogged down. But, once we started giving him Babies magic tea, his witch hours ended up with no more colic!!!

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What's witch tea?

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It's an herbal tea made of sweet fennel seeds and cumin. Both are used to cure tummy related problems in babies and quite safe for all ages.

Talk to you health visitor or gp. They will be able to prescribe some medicine for you. My little girl has a medicine called ranitadine for reflux (I found this much easier to give than gaviscon as I exlusively breastfeeding).

Your little one may well have reflux. Don't give up on breastfeeding though, it had so many benefits. And if she is rooting for milk when you feed her then give her some more milk... you can't over feed a breastfed baby.

I hope it settles for you. Xx

Think this is what it is now! Going to try and c if we can manage with out medicine, but will ask about ranitadine if she gets worst! Thank u xx

The medication made a huge difference to all our lives, everyone was so much happier, and our baby girl not in pain any more. I like you was worried about giving medication to such a young baby but it worked and made her so much happier. Xx

Infacol can be useful! Best advice is it's just a phase. Our second used to scream from 6pm till midnight. In the end co-sleeping worked.

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Thanks I now think it's silent reflux, always said I wouldn't co sleep but when ur child is screaming in pain it's nice to have her in ur bed so u can talk and make sure she's ok, so last night was our 4th co sleeping night! I quite like it lol.

Hi Hun, just a thought, but could it be anything in your diet affecting babies tummy? I didn't breastfeed but my friend is bfing her 5 month old & she finds that eating coleslaw, sprouts & a few other things seem to cause some bother.

Colief is supposed to be quite effective for colic.

As for the rooting, don't forget that baby is still tiny & will go through periods of constant feeding so that in itself is probably fairly normal.


Thank u, a friend also suggested my diet. I don't think there is as since giving birth I have no appetite so only been eating the minimum. Not big into dairy (only butter on toast), not eating spicy foods, only meat I eat is chicken, not drinking caffeine, don't like veg, (real fussy eater). But I am keeping a bit of a diary to see if her reflux is worst after I have eaten certain foods! Xx

Thank u all for ur replying, after hours of googling I now think it's silent reflux not colic like midwife thinks, and found that keeping her upright after a feed for a good hour seems to settle it. Just going to c if we can manage through it!

Last night was much better only problem we have is we feed and burp for about half a hour, then hold her upright for a hour before she's sleepy enough to sleep on her back but by this time it's been a hour and a half she then will only sleep for a hour before she's ready to do the whole process again. So we r both shattered, then again we do have a newborn lol!

Will let u all know how partners first day back at work goes tomorrow!

Thank u all again! Xx

Brilliant, as for the diet thing you need to eat and sleep or you won't produce, and quality could be impacted. We had problems with our 1st as he was tongue tied! So second time round was very I to us. You should feed until they want no more and then express from both breasts until empty. Bottles in the fridge keep for days, months in the freezer. The more you feed the more you produce, but only if you eat!

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I'm really trying, it's strange 4 me as I'm a big girl and before getting pregnant I could eat for England! But I do force myself, just for the milk! I always feed until she falls asleep which is normally quite quickly which I think I prefer (little and often)! Haven't thought about expressing and keeping, think I will though as I've noticed big lumps in both breasts and don't want to get mastitis!

I've heard of instances where severe colic has been eventually attributed to the baby being tongue tied? Not latching well on either breast or bottle and so effectively taking in air. Think diagnosis of tongue tie can be hit and miss with GP's and community midwives sometimes although it's not uncommon. It's so easily resolved with a simple and quick procedure. My sister in law has just experienced this and got it rectified privately.

Thank u for ur responce.! Went to doctors today I told him I thought it was silent reflux, so he prescribed infant gaviscon, will c how we get on! X

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