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Hate the wait!!

First month of trying and due on period Tuesday. Have had a feeling of nausea all week, a funny tummy and headaches. Probably wouldn't have noticed these as common PMS symptoms before we started trying but now I can't help wonder! However, took a clearblue digital early test yesterday and it was negative. Roll on the period so I can look forward to the next month and put this one behind me!! Crazy already!! 😆

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I'm exactly the same! I've taken 3 tests this month at different times, really I knew I couldn't be pregnant so early on but I couldn't help but test. I've come on my period so next week I can't start trying again. Good luck!

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Good luck Lovely xxxx

Woke up still feeling nauseous this morning! Why is my body playing tricks on me?! Haha xxxxx


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