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Uterus myoma and baby stomach not visible on ultrasound

Hi all,

I have a painful experience I would like to share with you .when I was almost 19 weeks pregnant I had pain of hell in my pelvic and belly. I was not able to walk or get myself up from bed. Even when I have the ultrasound, I was crying of pain when doctors touch me. It was diagnoised after 5 times between doctors and hospitals that I have 3 fibroids. The largest one was 4 cm and doubled in size 8cm in 3 days. I was hospitalized for a week and kept on Iuprofine and utrogest. Now the pain is almost gone except some back pain and a feeling of not able to do any effort.

I am wondering if some of you have gone to the same ? What is then? Would I have repeats of the pain? I am scared. How would that affect my baby?

My biggest problem now the doctor was not able to see the stomach of my baby and asked for a scan with a specialist. I got a date but till that time my heart would stop. I am crying day and nights. Please if someone heard a similar experience tell me what I would expect.

Thanks all.

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