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Nappy training

I was hoping for some advice on nappy training please. Probably very daft question but I mean right back to the basics as in where do you start?

Do you n put them in underwear and let them get wet then start to hope they go to the potty? Assume you can't really go anywhere in the meantime as putting nappies back will surely lead to confusion.

Sorry for the daft basics. .thanks everyone

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Is your little one showing interest in the potty? Or do you just think it's time? How old are they?


No I don't think he's ready. He doesnt tell me ( but it's not saying lots of words really). He holds his nappy I think when he is wee'ING and can I know if he's poo'ING but he doesn't alert me afterwards. He's just turned 2

I'm more trying to find out about it but I literally don't know where to start. Friends are doing it but they seem to wear underwear in the house but nappies out


Personally I think 2 is about right. And just to let you know potty training is really really hard. It's gonna take time for him to get it - practice makes perfect.

He is showing signs that he is aware that he is doing a wee which is great!

I would start talking to him about wee and poo. Look your nappy is wet, you did a wee wee. Soon you'll do wee wee in the potty like a big boy. Build it up a bit, like it's exciting so he wants to do it.

You can take him toilet with you, listen mummy is doing a wee wee on the toilet. Let him flush it. Let him sit on the toilet - anything that is fun.

Go buy a potty together, make it fun and exciting.

Then when you're gonna do it, try and pick a time where your at home for at least three days. I just left my son with no bottoms or pants on. Keep asking if he needs a wee wee or poo and try and get him to sit on the potty.

Praise him when he gets it right, and when he has an accident maybe 'oh no - that should have been in the potty - he's thirst now!'

There's gona be loads of accidents. Be patient and you gona need to be with him a lot at first.

Nappies only at night. I brought a portable potty from Mothercare, and used to take that out with me.

It's hard work but needs to be done.


Thank you so much.


No worries.

Another great tip. If your son has an older friend or cousin that is potty trained. If you get the older child to go on the potty in front of your child it should greatly encourage your child to follow suit. That's why potty training your second is loads easier - they have someone to copy.

Good luck.


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