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Hi I'm new here, on my 4th pregnancy with baby boy no4. I have have today been told that I have Polyhydramnios. I'm 32+3, I'm going to be having a second glucose test and have had bloods taken and baby will be monitored twice a week at the hospital. I'm still a little worried, have read possibilities but think not knowing is stressful. I have had 2 previous misscarriges and was so happy this baby seemed to be doing so will, now I'm worried that it's not as good as I was hoping. Anyone got any experience or advice?? TIA xx

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Hi Tammybrit I am in the same situation so I dont really have any tride and true advice other than to say I am experiencing the same feelings of worry. I am 31+4 weeks and it was diagnosed last week (25 cm of fluid). What were your numbers? I go back next Monday to discuss with my doctor and do another ultrasound. I am praying everything is ok but I just cant help but worry!!!


Hi kessah, I had my scan on Monday it's showing 22cm of fluid, I then went up to maternity and they explained it to me, took bloods to rule out infection and will be arranging another glucose test. I'm hoping that one of these will reveal something!! In the meantime they want me to go to maternity twice a week so they can do bloodpressure, urine and check baby on a monitor. Have looked stuff up in the internet and scared myself although they did say nothing to worry about and baby is fine. Midwife did mention maybe having to put a tube down his throat when delivered to check he has no blockages. Keep in touch as I really struggled with all of this yesterday and felt down today, we can help each other. Xx


I too have been diagnosed with polyhydramnios but at 36wks, I'm now 38wks, diabetes tested negative and all bloods came back fine therefore they had nothing to worry about. But I did read online it could be the baby's digestion problem which worries me but I'm sure if you raise your concern in your birth notes...they'll make sure they keep an eye on it. Fingers crossed it's just our bodies over producing the damn fluid and no other problem. I've just noticed it's almost a month since you posted this...what's your update if you don't mind me asking?


Mine has reduced, but since been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I looked online too but had a very good conversation with a registra who put my mind at rest, good luck x

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