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Early labour when to call midwife? Looking for reassurance?


Right so, I'm 41+3 today and for the last 4 hours have been having contractions which followed on from constant back ache and twinges all of last night. My midwife said not to call the hospital until they were 5 minutes apart and lasted about a minute or more. For the last hour they've been every 5-6 minutes but only last about 30-35 seconds and I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to overreact and ring the midwife (I'm a first timer) but I also don't want to be giving birth on my bathroom floor 😂 Basically I'm just looking for some reassurance from someone or advice on if this is normal?

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No harm in phoning, I had constant backache that was so bad I couldn't even tell I was having contractions, went 2 hospital expecting to be sent home, I was 3-4cm dilated and 4 hours later she was here! Phone midwife, or get a quick check. Best of luck xx

I had contractions every 5 mins but they seemed to come and go for hours. Had routine Mw appt. was 3cm in the morning. By the time I went to hospital they were pretty regular and strong - aka I couldn't continue chatting etc, had to stop doing whatever I was doing during contraction. Got to hostipal at about 6pm and was I think 6cm. Didn't get to start pushing till 11pm, so everyone is different. If you are worried call, they are used to this I'm sure, are there for reassurance. They might tell you to go but they might also send you back.


Just call them. They may tell you to say at home but if you feel ready tell them you are coming in.

I was advised to say at home as I was coping well, but contractions were every 3mins, lasting over a minute. My husband said no and we were leaving the house. Got there and was already 6cm. They assumed being a first timer I be 2-3cm and they would send me home! Baby arrived 5hrs later


I was the same, my contractions were 5 mins apart but only lasting about 30secs. Got to the hospital (which is a half hour drive from me) and was 7cm dilated. I had my daughter 5hrs later! I would suggest going to the hospital. Good luck xx

Hi. I started having contractions the day after my due date but didn't have my baby until 4 days later after my waters broke at home. They called it the "latent phase of labour". I went into hospital when they started and they sent me home. Keep timing them and make sure they're regular but if you're concerned then definitely call the midwife.

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