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Hi all, I'm new here but wondered if I can just ask a question about labour pains. Yesterday I was having quite regular pains from roughly 8am. They were about 20mins apart and lasted for about a min. They were definitely stronger than the average braxton hicks! This continued until about 3pm ish, but then suddenly stopped 😫

I should say that this is my 3rd baby but I have never experienced this before, usually once the strong pains come that's it! What do you think it might mean? Do you think it's the first stage of labour and it could become established in the next day or so or what? Xx

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I had this with my first about 5-7 days prehand maybe, it's your body gearing itself up for labour should be a couple of days or something x

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Could they have been Braxton hicks? Braxton hicks can be quite strong but they just don't progress which seems the case with yourself.


I guess they must have been but my understanding of braxton hicks is that they aren't supposed to be 'painful' as such, more just tightenings.

Thanks for the replies x


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