Can the doctors check to see if men are infertile?

Hi I'm new and was just wondering if someone could give me a bit of advice, me and my partner have been trying to conceive since October 2016 which is when my injection (depo I think it's called) ran out. We have had no luck, I already have a child and I'm wondering if my partner went to the doctors they could check his sperm count? Or is that not something they do? Thank you in advance

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Hi I had the same as you it took 6 months before I conceived with my daughter. They said I'd be fertile straight away but others say it takes a while for your mestral cycle to adjust

I've been saying this to my other half for a while now but he's become extremely stressed and upset about it all and doesn't think he can have children.

Sometimes it can tell a while. I've been trying since November and just got that positive result. I'd give it another 6 months before u go to the doctors. Also are u having plenty of sex when ovulating?x

Yeah we have been, it's more for my other half. He doesn't think he can have children, he doesn't have a lot of sperm so it was more for him to have piece of mind but thank you x

Did you come off any contraception before November and you started trying? X

Well in that case there is no harm in asking for him to be tested. I'd been on the implant for three years then the pill for almost 3 years. Every month I was so disappointed when my period came I thought it was never going to happen but I stopped obsessing over it and just went with the flow. I think that's what helped. But I was about to start me and my oh on pre conceive tablets maybe they would be worth a try for u both xx

. The sperm thing made me giggle a bit ... 2 - 5 ml is a normal amount so unless he's measured this, I think it's v difficult to quantify 2ml. Being bit blunt, you don't need bucket loads of it 🙈 Did he have problems before in the past?

It can take up to a year for the depot to get out of your system. But you can speak to ur gp re sperm test

Friend of mine is 32 and her man is super fit, healthy 27years old. They tried for a baby for a year - as she had a daughter already, they started to think that he has a problem and then she got pregnant!

Sending positive thoughts your way! Keep trying- just don't over do- once every other day should be enough, so sperm can mature.

Look at your physical changes going towards your ovulation (most significant one: plenty of see-through / eggwhite discharge) and good luck!x

Hi, I was also on the depo quite a few years back but came of it as soon as me and my partner got married. From then it took 6 years (and lots and lots of fertility tests) for me to catch on. The first thing the doctors did though was to check my husbands sperm count, just to rule that out before starting the checks on me. So I'm sure if you go to the docs and explain that it's already been 6 months then they will start the same way they did with me and check your OH sperm. Hope this helps and good luck! x

Normally they won't do any test until you've been trying for a year


You can pick up a test in Boots to get a rough indication of sperm count and decide whether you want to go to the doctors afterwards.

It depends on where you live but in some areas they won't do any investigations until you've been trying over a year, sometimes two. So doing the home test might help your case for further investigation if needed.

That your partner is thinking about his side is incredibly positive - many men refuse to be tested or engage in the process until their partner is checked out as they struggle with the idea it is them.

Good luck to you both x

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