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Pregnancy fail 😢

Hi there I had my implant taken out in the 11th December 2016 and me and my partner have been trying for a baby ever since and it's now been t months and still nothing :( I have had my periods dead on time each month lasting between 4 and 6 days . One of my ovaries are blocked (can't remember which side) and i have alot of scarring due to abdominal keyhole surgery so I'm really concerned I can't get pregnant as I just keep getting negative PT and ovulation tests .

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4 months isn't a long time to be trying, esp if you came of the implant recently. Can take a while for fertility to get back to normal, esp. if you say your ovulation tests are picking up. Unfortunately it does mean your fertility is decreased if one tube is block, but lots of women conceive with only one ovary. You just need to give it a bit more time tho.

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Don't lose hope. After coming off the pill I have just found out I'm expecting with baby no2 after trying for 6 months. Ithe can take a long time for ur body to properly regulate. Make sure u have sex at all the right times as much as u can when ovulating. Good luck x


Don't give up hope, with the implant and the depo injections it can be 12 months before your body flushes the hormones, I had my impant out in October 2012 and conceived my ds1 November 2013 then after he was born I had a few depo injections, my last one was in jan 2015 which would of ran out in March 2015, I conceived March 2016 but sadly miscarried in June, then I conceived again in August 2016 and I am now 37 weeks pregnant:) it's a long journey to go on but so worth it in the end, after 12 months of ttc the doctor will then start running tests on you if needed but if you are testing ovulation you might get lucky, I didn't start tracking ovulation until after miscarriage around July and fell pregnant on my 2nd cycle xx


Use the app ovia to track ovulation and fertile days. I had my implant out and used that and I honestly think that's what helped!!

Keep positive, the less stress the better. Go on a baby making moon if you can, have a relax and don't change things dramatically as that can cause more good than harm to your body trying to be normal.



Try not to get disheartened, I know easier said then done.

If you keep getting negative ovulation tests I would go to the Drs and ask them to do the blood tests to check if your ovulating. I would also point out to them you have a blocked tube. If you have identified that you are not ovulating why wait a year before reporting it to the Dr? Could be that the tests show you are ovulating but just testing at the wrong time.

Something else that is very good for fertility is acupuncture. Some IVF clinics actually recommended or offer acupuncture along side treatment. That tells me it's very effective.

From my own experience acupuncture was very good at regulating hormones, and I got pregnant quickly once I was feeling better.

Good luck!


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