Could I be? Will I find out?

Hello my name is Jasmine, I am in a bit of a very confusing situation. You see tomorrow will mark 3 weeks that me and my S.O had intercourse, last week I had spotting for about 2-3 days and for the last 2 weeks I have been feeling very strange. I've had headaches almost everyday, I've felt very sick to my stomach especially when I haven't ate yet, I've had dizziness, slight cramps, back aches, slight nausea and slight breast tenderness. Could I be pregnant? And if so I have a hospital appointment ordered by my doctor for an ultrasound which I have to drink 32 oz of liquid 1 hour before and also a HCG Quant blood test but I did not inform him that I may be pregnant. Do you think maybe on Tuesday I will be able to find out if I am pregnant or am I too early. I also will be taking 3 test tomorrow just to see. Thank you so very much. *baby dust to all<3

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Have you missed a period? Why would you doctor check a hcg of he doesn't think you're pregnant? No other reason to check it. You might be pregnant you might not. If you don't test you don't know. If you are pregnant and using 3 week coneception and ultrasound will have to be internal(vaginal) to pick up a pregnancy so early on

I have missed my period but when I went to my doctor it was for pain and he told me he was going to send me for and ultrasound to see if I have cyst and he also said he was sending me for testing but he didn't say what type of testing. When I got home I read the paper and seen that it is and HCG Quant blood test. And yes the ultra sound is internal. Thank you for your fed back it's much appreciated.

Good luck hun, I had a internal scan at 6 weeks and my baby looked like a bean and could just make out a heartbeat so I'm not sure what is detected this early on I'm sure they will help you tho xx sending baby dust and lots of love!

Thank you so very much hun!!! Congrats on your little one

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