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Baby waking every hour

My baby is five and a half months old and has been waking ever hour for the last three weeks. He was previously waking once or twice for a feed around the same time each night. He is breast fed, and has never had a dummy. He feeds ( think he is suckling more than feeding) for a very short period and then goes back to sleep. He is not teething and I haven't changed anything such as room temperature etc. Can anyone offer advice on what I can do to help him wake less? Thanks

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Hiya, it sounds like 'sleep regression' and from what I've learned (and from my own experience) this is normal around this age, especially with breastfed babies. It could be that he is not feeling as full after a feed so could be close to being ready to try solids. The current advice regarding introducing solids is to wait until 6 months but all babies are different and you know your baby better than anyone.

Also, this is the age they are becoming more aware of their surroundings and could be looking for reassurance that you're still there. It can be a frustrating and exhausting time but it will pass so try not to worry too much 😊


I had the exact same at that age with my daughter it soon changed within a few weeks it will pass hang on in there xx


My daughter was exactly the same she was feeding every hour through the day and night. However she is on special milk as she has liver disease. We went to see the dietician around a month ago and she was struggling to gain weight as she only takes 90ml same as a new born! And feeding every hour. We where advised to start weaning we give her food around 10 and then 8 at night and she sleeps through from 9 til 7 every night(baby was 5 months when started weaning) x


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