Rainbow baby here, thanks to everyone for their support

Rainbow baby here, thanks to everyone for their support

She's here 6 days late, born Tuesday morning at 8.08am labour only started at 10pm Monday night so all happened very quick. She did a poo inside though 😥 So needed to be out Asap which ment mummy tore in 2 places and needed over 10 stitches. Not just that but more importantly needed to be monitored very closely for 24 hours, now she has a cough 😥 We named her Lily Grace. Unsure on her weight think staff made a mistake we were told 8.11lb but on my notes says 3.950kg so something doesn't add up still never mind! Just 1 year ago I was in the worst place ever after losing my first baby at 12 weeks just proves u can go on and have healthy baby (so don't lose hope). A massive thank u to everybody who supported me and replied to posts I'd made. Rebecca

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  • Congratulations! She's just perfect! That tiny little person makes all the pain and struggle worthwhile. Now rest up Mumma and enjoy these precious first days xXx

  • Thank you! Pain better today although didn't release how much my arm muscles would ache, not used to carrying a little weight. Lol, thanks again xx

  • Oooh fab Rebecca, congratulations to you! Lily Grace, what a gorgeous name and gorgeous baby.

    Hope you are recovering well and that Lily Grace is well too xxx

  • Thank you! I am recovering well-I think! Hope ur pregnancy is still going well! Xx

  • Awww congratulations. The weight is the same! Pounds converted to Kg :)

  • Thank you! We think we have figured out what happened according to Google 3.950kg translates to 8.07lb and when u say 8.07 and 8.11 out loud they sound the same we think we have misheard midwife say weight 😃😃 silly us! Lol x

  • Congrats! It's a steep learning with a new little one, but it's also the best feeling in the world when you hold her and she falls asleep on you.

  • Thank u, I think that's my favourite bit, I don't really want to put her down-like it when she crys as I get another cuddle! Xx

  • She's a gorgeous little thing! 😍 Congratulations again and: well done!xxx

  • Thank you! So pleased with her! Hope u and joe r well xx

  • Congratulations hun, she's beautiful. I too had a little boy after losing my little girl. It gives hope to everybody. Rest as much as you can and enjoy your little angel. Take care x

  • Thank you, I think after losing a baby it makes u realise how lucky u r to get another chance, still can't stop thinking about my angel baby especially these last few days! Gone but never forgotten xx

  • They will never be forgotten hun. I lost my angel 2012 at 39 weeks. She will always be with me and I had a tattoo for her x

  • Congratulations xx she is beautiful <3

    My midwife few years back recommended Hypercal cream to help my bits heal. It's by Nelsons. Herbal not medicinal - hope it helps x

  • Thank you!! Think I'm healing ok day 3 today and I would say pain whilst moving is only about a 5, no pain when sat comfortable. Found a perfect way of peeing without stinging! Just keeping stitches clean! Thanks again xx

  • Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. I had an episiotomy so I know how painful the stitches can be. I recommend sitting on one of those long pregnancy pillows so that it forms a ring. Keeps the pressure off those tender bits!

  • thank you! I did think about a donut ring cushion thing, but to be honest not in as much pain today and but the time I go out and get something or order it online I might be very nearly healed! Xx

  • Congratulations on ur bundle of joy she is adorable :) enjoy every second they grow far too quickly! what a beautiful name! We have lilly rose for a girl after her 2 great grandmothers :) xx

  • Thank you, yeah I no I want her to stay this way for ever, I think I was born to be a mummy! Beautiful name! My Lily's second names after my grandmother! And Lily's just such a beautiful name who wouldn't want it? Lol xx

  • It certainly is i really hope I get a girl this time round. I already have a boy called oliver and I think the names go really well together xx

  • Cracking name my partners sons called Oliver. I did think Olivia for lily but his son and daughter didn't like it. So now we have a Oliver, Lucy and Lily!

  • congratulations! X

  • Thank you! Xxx

  • Aw congratulations! What a perfect rainbow baby

  • Thank you, even though she's here every sound she makes I get up and check on her-silly really! Xx

  • I'm still like that with my one year old I poke her to make sure sometimes 😂

  • My son is going to be 4 in Aug I still check to make sure he's breathing! Can't help it, their your most treasured possession(S) and don't ever think your being silly! Just a wonderful loving mother! Xx

  • Wonderful news! Congratulations on the safe arrival of your little one xx

  • Congratulations Hun!!! She's beautiful. When my baby Halle Rose was born the 29th April, I also had to have stitches and was also told her weight was 8lbs 11oz. This was also wrong, the midwife read the conversion chart wrong - she was only 6lbs 6oz haha!!

    Well done my lovely, she's absolutely gorgeous. Hope all is well with you and baby xxx

  • Thank you 😃 All going ok with baby I got a infection in stitches though 😥 Never mind going to pick up some antibiotics later! Hope u and Halle Rose r both well xx

  • Oh dear doesn't sound very nice!! Hopefully the infection clears up soon. We are both great thank you xxx

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