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So we had sex on the 5th day of period. Had condoms on and I never came inside of her. 1st round after I came I wiped it off(*now not sure how good tho) and then putted another condom and had sex again. For 2 weeks until her fertility period passed didn't have sex. And the 2 days ago we ended up having sex again. Yesterday she noticed her stomach has bloated is she pregnant? All the time we had sex condom was used, what are the chances of her pregnancy?

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There are all sorts of reasons she could be bloated. It's best for her to take a pregnancy test. You did the right thing by using condoms. Pregnancy sounds unlikely if there are no other symptoms but certainly take a test if you are worried.


Lately she has been eating too much and her stomach is really bloated. Are these signs of pregnancy?


I suppose they could be. There are all sorts of different pregnancy symptoms but I would really suggest she takes a pregnancy test as you could be worrying yourself over nothing.


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