Trying to conceive came off cerelle

Wondered if anyone could give any advice or any experiences similar but I came off cerelle on the 25th Feb and I had a really dark 2 day bleed on the 4th of April and nothing since have been to my doctors 2 weeks ago and she said the bleed was a good sign that my body could be getting back to normal but as I'm a really negative person I just can't help thinking what if my periods never come back which means no ovulation getting really down about it has anyone come off this pill? How long did it take? Also I am overweight so I am getting it into my head there not going to come back at all

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  • Hi Lauren, I came off cerelle as I was starting to react. I fell pregnant 5months after. But everyone is different & reacts differently so may take longer or shorter.

    I also had Reflexology around the 4th month onwards but that was to look after myself, rebalance my internal goings on & give me a better sense of wellbeing. Must have worked as by end of 5th month I found out I was expecting. But I know a lot of people try Reflexology to help get them pregnant :)

    Good luck

  • It can just take a while for your periods to get back to normal and that's usual. Take this opportunity to try and loose some weight as it will conception easier as well as for a healthier pregnancy

  • Hi,

    I also came off Cerelle in March last year, I am also overweight and like you started to worry my periods would never come back so I wouldn't be able to conceive. I had a withdrawal bleed in July but no further periods, I tried the ovulation kits but they were telling me the same thing that I wasn't ovulating. I was beginning to get really stressed about it but in the end I gave up the ovulation tests and thought whatever will be will be. I finally got my first proper period in October and conceived in November due in August this year.

    It really does depend on each persons body so I would try not to worry too much at the moment (easier said than done I know). My plan was if we hadn't conceived after a year then I would go to the DRs to see if there was a problem.

    I hope this helps, good luck


  • I came off oral contraceptives a year before we started trying as I knew it can take that's long for your body to get back to normal especially as if been on them for a long time. Give it time, get yourself as healthy as poss and keep trying xx

  • I got pregnant within 2 weeks of coming off Cerelle. I think it just depends on each individual. I never had a withdrawal bleed or anything. It's all subject to different factors. Try to relax if your doctor said there is nothing to worry about then why not have some fun while trying to conceive?

  • I came of cerelle for around a year to give my body a break and only had 2 proper periods before i went back on it, I then conceieved while taking the pill! I really wouldnt worry i started to think something may have been wrong as me and my partner were rarely cautious as we thought whatever happens happens, but after a year we decided to go back on pill after he lost his job! Only to our suprise we concieved after around 2 months of being back on the pill after i caught the flu!

    I would just relax and enjoy trying! The more pressure you put on youself the harder you can make it sometimes! Relax and just enjoy it, whatever happens happens!

    Good luck! Xxx

  • i know the feeling, im in the same position.

    i stopped taking cerelle in February and didnt bleed until around the 1st of april but it only lasted an hour. then at the end of April i got my first period in 5 years.

    i spoke to the dr when i had my random hour of bleeding and she just said its so normal, everyone is different, she suggested that if i got to 12 weeks with out a period then to come back in but it happened just in time! xx

  • Hi, I was on cerelle and was quite often having months where I was bleeding all the time. This lasted for about 4 months so I was going to come off it and try something else but then found out I was pregnant! I too am over weight but I really wouldn't worry about your periods not coming back at all, things can just take a couple of months to sort themselves out when you first come off a contraceptive! Good luck x

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