Advice needed please...

I will be 27 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

This morning I cleaned my George Forman grill with Tesco antibacterial wipes (non bleach and alcohol) dried it quickly, let it heat up and cooked bacon on it.

I didn't think anything of it and it was a completely dumb thing to do. After eating I realised my tongue felt a little numb so am now freaking out I've ingested the chemical and could hurt my baby.

I have drank lots of water and milk and the numbness has gone.

I phoned midwife and maternity assessment unit who just advise I go to A&E as it isn't baby related, dispite me asking if it would hurt my baby.

What do you guys think? I know it is completely and utterly stupid to clean it this way, was just a moment of not thinking.

I would love anything you have to say about the topic, baby is moving fine. X

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I think if the grill was on fire - then probably it burned the chemicals off as fire desinficts everything . Also it's such a tiny amount you had on your wipes that I don't think it would hurt much anyone. I have quite few friends who wash dishes with fairy liquid and never rinse it off,- I had few dinners there.

Try not to stress dear!x

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I clean the sides and chopping board with wipes after washing them and I then chop food on them! I have never even thought about it being an issue before!


You should be fine. You can use those wipes to clean the kitchen sides which can come into contact with food so I can't see that it would cause any harm. The numb tongue could be anything. Try not to worry x


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