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Some advice needed please

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I'm 8 nearly 9 weeks and yesterday I had a very small amount of brown spotting in the morning then I've had nothing since. I'm not in pain and there is no red blood or clots but I don't know what to do. It all happened after the local epu closed and it won't open again until Tuesday morning and i dont have my 1st midwife appointment until tues either, so I'm not sure what to do. I had a mc in December and i'm just really worried it's happening again even though this is different to last time.

Any advice is much appreciated, not sure if I'm worrying over nothing.

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Call NHS 111. They may tell you to go to A&European. Good luck x

I had 3 bleeds pre 9 can call doctor/midwife for them to arrange an early scan for you. It's good for piece of mind. I'm now 17 weeks. Good luck.

As said above, you could ring 111 and see what advice they give. It sounds like implantation bleeding but obviously I am no medical expert! I had Brown bleeding this time without pain and now I am 22 week.

Its spotting/ implantation bleeding, its old blood not new so your fine, I had it when I conceived. I also had two big bleeds with clots at 9-12 weeks I now have a happy 12 pound 9 week old baby trust me your fine, if you want peace of mind go to a and e it's your not cramping and it's not heavy your fine my lovely xxx

Thanks everyone I think I'm going to wait and go to the epu on Tues to get checked out as I'm doing OK and the spotting only happened the once on Friday, nothing yesterday and only a tiny amount this morning and still only brown. I had implantation bleeding with my son (19 months) and my mc but a lot earlier so was confused/worried. As I'm not in pain or bleeding red or heavy blood and there are no clots I'm trying to relax and not panic too much. It's just annoying that it's bank holiday weekend and my drs is closed till Tuesday, the epu is Monday to Friday and closed bank holidays as well and I have no number for the midwife until my appointment on Tuesday.

Thank you again x

Glad it stopped! When I got pregnant I was spotting on 5 occasions over 2,5 week period / now 33 weeks in! Try to not to worry! All best wishes,x

Unfortunately all was not well and baby had no heartbeat in the scan on Tuesday. Had surgery on Wednesday and now trying to recover and get my head around my 2nd mc in 5 months. Just trying to enjoy the family and life i do have and not dwell on the pain. X

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