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Scared :(


Am new here and lookin for some advice please!

Last week on Wednesday we found out I was pregnant :) however on the Friday I started bleeding :( went to the doctors and he sent me to ane however couldn't do much as it was Friday afternoon, had an internal examination and was sent home. Saturday all fine except some period type pain but Sunday was back in ane after passing some clots in the morning and bleeding again with cramps. It's now Thursday and I've been bleeding all week with period pain. Had an internal scan on Monday but the ultra sound person didn't really tell me much except that I need to come back in another week for another can as I'm only 4 weeks and it was to early to tell. They don't seem to bothered about the bleeding but I keep reading bleeding and pain are signs of miscarriage and I'm terrified! It's my first pregnancy and I just want everything to be ok! Thursday, today I feel the bleeding has got better but yesterday I lulled myself into that conclusion and by lunch time it was heavier although today I've hardly had any. The signs of pregnancy I was feeling slightly have also disappeared which I read is signs of missacariage to. I was feeling sick and had slightly sore boobs but that's both gone. Any advice???

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What a terrible situation for you to be going through. 😔 sending lots of hugs. I have no experience or real advice I can give you other than try not to worry (I know easier said than done) as you don't want to make yourself poorly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you doe happy news soon xoxo


I had a really similar experience due to a car accident in early pregnancy, the bleeding however was caused by endometriosis which was nothing at all to worry about the pains for me were stretching. Try not to worry,I had a scan at 5 weeks and saw a tiny little heart beat and my baby is now 3. You can also do another test if you think you are ready to but sometimes it's best to wait for the scan

Lots of love x


I had the same experience. Bleeding with pains, internal scan then had to wait a week and half as it was too early. It was the longest week of my life! Everything was fine, I'm now 30 weeks and all is well. I know it's hard but try not to worry. Xx


I'm so sorry to hear your situation, the waiting really can be the worst as you just want to know what's happening. Do keep an eye on the bleeding, if it gets worse do seek help with ur gp/ a&e or early pregnancy unit. is your next scan booked in? Bleeding makes you feel v worried and it's hard when the health professionals don't seem as worried as you are but sadly in the v early stages there is not much they can do other than also wait and see. I had bleeding all through my first trimester and am now 33 weeks. I really hope everything works out for you, try and look after yourself and not worry (this is much easier said than done) sending you lots of love x


Thank you for some reassurance, the sickness feeling came back this morning along with sore boobs but I'm not sure if I'm just making it up as I want it to be there so badly! Is 5 weeks to early for symptons? My next scan is booked in for Tuesday so fingers crossed! I don't think it has got any worse, it's just so stressful as your told to get any bleeding checked out but then the doctors arnt even worried?l! I'm even more worried as the internet ( I hundred percent know I shouldn't be googling but keep doing it!) says 5 weeks is the most likely to misscarry. Once you see a heart beat does the risk of miscarriage go down? Xx


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