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Sorry to put a dampner on things :(

Hello, i lost my little boy at 42 weeks pregnant, last year, i have recently found out i am pregnant again and im terrified, i suppose im looking for someone who has been in a similar situation, to just give me a little reassurance or something :(

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I'm really sorry to read this, it must have been so awful for you :(. I totally understand that you are terrified and unfortunately its unlikely you will be able to relax through your pregnancy because of what happened. I haven't been in a similar situation but I do know someone whose baby died 5 days after birth and is also now pregnant again (about 28 weeks) and so far everything is going well. I'm sure you will be offered a lot more scans and tests throughout this pregnancy to try and reassure you but I can appreciate you will be worried throughout regardless :(. I wish you all the luck in the world this time that you have a healthy baby.

How far along are you at the moment? xx


I dont know how far i am i went for a scan a week ago and i was so early we couldnt see anything, it is true i have already had lots more care but i cant stop feeling like this baby will end up like my last one :( i hate to say it but its true its like ive already accepted could happen its awful :( xx


Ah it must be really early then! Under 6 weeks if they can't see anything I would say. I had a scan at 7 weeks due to having a miscarriage before and there was a heartbeat so you shouldn't have to wait too long to see that little heart beating on the screen and that will give you the hope and courage you need for this pregnancy. It's really terrible how all the joy of pregnancy can be taken away by a really bad experience :(. I'm currently waiting for my results on the Harmony test to find out whether my baby has a chromosomal abnormality as my scan and bloods came back with a 1:2 chance of Down Syndrome so also not feeling my best at the moment!. I know you feel like it will happen again because it's happened once but everyone will be looking out for you, supporting you and trying their best to ensure you and your baby get all the care you need for a healthy pregnancy. I think you will just need to take each week at a time and be happy every time a test or a scan goes well. Nobody can tell you not to worry and relax because its just not possible for you after what you've been through but little milestones may help you deal with your pregnancy better. We both could use a little luck this time I think!, please take care of yourself :).



I'm so sorry to hear about your little boy. I lost my little girl at 37 weeks last February and am currently at 21 weeks of pregnancy. I'm not going to lie, it's a really difficult journey. You will have a lot more care this time. Just ensure if there is anything you are not happy with that you say straight away, stay in control as much as possible. It's very hard to believe the outcome will be positive this time, but someone said to me expecting the worst won't make it any easier if it happens and its true. Try to stay positive.

If they found a cause for your little boy the can try guard against it, there wasn't a cause found for me so they are just taking as many precautions as they can.

I don't know if you use them but there are some groups you can join in sands which are really supportive. There are face to face things which didn't appeal to me but online has helped massively.

Good luck, hopefully all will be well.

Be kind to yourself, lots of love x x

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Hi hun. My little girl was born asleep at 39 weeks. It was the worst kind of hurt as you know. When i got pregnant with my little boy i was terrified the same thing would happen. You get a lot more care and everyone tells you everything will be okay. I was on pins until the day he was born, no matter what people tell you, the fear will still be there. When i heard my little boy cry as they delivered him i burst out crying. All the months of worry just disappeared. He was a beautiful healthy 6lb 11. I know it will be hard hun but after such an awful thing happened to you, don't ever give up. You will get your silver lining x


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