Trying for a girl

I have 2 boys ages 8 and 7. this time really want a girl. Just bought ovulation test. On day 4 of my period now. Haven't used ovulation test yet. Looking for advice and tips to have better luck making a girl. Thank you

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  • Not a great deal you can do as sex is determined by the male part of the process.

    You could get your partner to quit exercise, sleep less, and eat rubbish and this will reduce testosterone production which may help. Otherwise you'll just have to do what the rest of us do and cross our fingers and hope for the best..... Or adopt!

  • Unfortunately the sex of the baby is determined by the men, depending on if the sperm that penetrates the egg has an X or a Y cromosome to go with your X chromosome. Nothing you can actually do to make it more likely to have a girl, unless you opted for fertility treatment where they could implant only female embryos

  • I know this may be a myth but male sperm moves quicker than female sperm but dies quicker so if you want a girl, have lots of sex before you ovulate (but not on ovulation) so the girl sperm are sitting in waiting. If you only have sex once on ovulation the male sperm will beat the female sperm. I have also been told that if you have a long cycle you are more likely to have a girl and short cycle a boy. Who knows if there is any truth in these. Good luck xxx

  • Some apps will give you predicted sex based on the above theory that male sperm moves quicker... however it's a matter of odds and luck too ... you have to be ready to run the risk that you might end up with a boy again, as there is no guaranteed way

  • Google swaying for a girl. Apparently your diet can change your ph and that effects which type of sperm survives better inside you before it meet the egg.

    Haven't tried it myself.

  • I heard the above theory recently which I had never heard of before!! I have seen team Chinese chart theory too but it didn't work for my son. He should have been a girl apparently and this time a boy but I am having a girl! So sorry but I am no help whatsoever lol.

  • My boy is supposed to be a girl too :)

  • Ha ha we just like to be different obviously.

  • Hahaha - yes.

  • The Chinese calendar thing was wrong for both of mine...

  • There isn't anything you can do except go abroad for IVF.

    The slow and fast moving thing is the Shettles theory which is disproven.

  • I've abroad seriously? Well the end result will be we will all have girls and the Asian population in England will of course have a higher number of boys! (Some cultures don't value women much).

    Gender based IVF and abortion should be made illegal in the world!

  • Seriously that is the only option yes. That doesn't mean someone needs to do it! DId you not get my point that she cant do anything at home? It doesnt work like that.

    Sometimes gender based IVF can be used for when a couple has a genetic disorder/disease that only effects one gender.

  • My experience & not scientifically proven, my two girls were conceived pretty quickly after my period but this time, I'm expecting a boy which by dates would have been bang on ovulation :)

    Good luck x

  • There's nothing you can do! There's always a 50:50 chance of male:female. I personally wouldn't try for boy or girl. If you really want 3 children them go for it. Just remember there's a 50% chance it will be a boy again!

  • THis is what i have been told ovulate for 4 to 5 days Completely,

    U NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON THE FIRST 3 DAYS as ur eggs r higher and more chance of a girl as the female sperm swim further than the men sperm who tier quicker...

    Told to me by a doctor and a midwife

    Trying myself after having nothing but boys. want my girl...

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