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Potty Training, Help!

Potty Training, Help!

Hey everyone! Been ages since ive been on here. Sorry!

My gorgeous Niamh has taken it upon herself to take her nappy off and start weeing on the potty. Not all the time, but over the last week she has done atleast 1 wee on it every day, with very little, if any prompting.

Im guessing this means shes pretty much ready to start potty training, so ive got training pants and a reward chart for her to get stickers on (she loves stickers! Haha) and its working well.

Im just really finding it hard with working. The childminder wont let her go nappy free there, and wont help/support/continue the potry training at her house, so i do it in a morning and evening and the days shes with me, and the days she is with her shes just in nappies. It doesnt seem very consistent.

What would you all recommend? Do i need to take time off work to potty train her?


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Hi LottyB

Beautiful photo :)

A childminder should support & help transition Niamh so I'm pretty shocked she's not being more help to you. This might send mixed messages to your little lady, who seems to be ready to rock n roll.

You might have to take time off to train littlen or if you can, look for a new minder that does help, support & encourage training.

Fingers crossed for you both :)

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Thanks, i think so! 😍

No way im looking for a new minder unfortunately. I ended up on antidepressants when our previous minder retired due to the stress of finding this one. Got off them now, but i found it really hard as the last minder was a family friend and it made me quite poorly.

She will help once she definatley knows when she needs a wee or a poo, but my friends who are minders all do the same. Ill keep at it.

Thanks for getting back to me. 🙂 x


Aw bless you x your health comes first. Glad to hear you're off them now.

I'm surprised as the childminder I used & minders my friend uses assisted the whole training process. I suppose different people, different ways.

I'd take time off, any excuse to spend time with my small people :)

Good luck x


If i didnt have to work i wouldnt. Would spend every minute with her if i could. X


I moved over to Cumbria from Teeside & they have their own mindset over here unfortunately there isn't as much support & a lot of areas are quite rural so it can be hard! Hope you get your little miss trained. But don't dispair as the doctor in silloth told me he thinks we potty train too early over here & that's why there are so many cases of children with constipation. My 2yo had 1 bad poo & now holds them and so is on laxido. :(


Poor little one! We are getting on great so far. Im just doing nappy free time loads. She didnt wear a nappy except over night last weekend and only one accident! Yeah, its a bit hit and miss support wise as we are pretty rural. They were great until Niamh was 6 months then my hv changed and ive not had the same level of support at all. Yeah, we are early in a lot of respects, one of the youngest for children going to school which is probably a bit reason why we potty train so early. Thanks for your reply.

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It doesn't sound like she's far from trained. :) good luck with it all. x


This is very common practice for childminders (I am one myself), biggest reason being it ties us to the house & can be very difficult with juggling school runs & toddler groups etc. So many do recommend taking time out to establish. I'm a little more relaxed though & really don't mind.

Is she's truely ready then it should be easy. Don't rush though, carry on as you are perhaps until you are 100% sure it's the right time, then a long weekend might be all you need.

Glad to see your all well, Niamh is a little cutie bless her 😊 What a cheeky smile!!

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I do understand why she wont help with the actual training, it just seems silly when shes there so much, and her daughter is the same age as Niamh so surely they will be doing it at a similar time anyway? Lol.

How do i know she is definatley ready? I hated weaning and now i hate potty training! Haha. She tells me as she does a wee, or goes and sits on the potty with or without a nappy on. She stays dry during most naps but tending to do a little wee through the night. And almost guarantee a poo as soon as she wakes up. Haha.

Thank you! How are you doing? I love her, shess amazing. Proper little diva! Haha.



I think you need to have a chat about what her expectations are, and come to an agreement because niamh does sound ready. Do you work weekends? Because if your off this weekend I'd definitely just take the time to just take the plunge & go nappy free for the entire weekend.

I'd be more than happy with that as a minder, but for a week or 2 I would probably as for a few pull ups if we were to go out (but obvs take a potty with me) to avoid accidents in prams etc while getting used to routines & how often she needs to go.

I'm not potty trainings biggest fan either, I've trained 3 in the past 8 months (including my Milly) & the last one has been a nightmare with his number 2s. We've made progress this week though thank goodness!!

We are all well, Milly is a diva too bless her lol shevstarted preschool last week & seems to be enjoying it. I think we've both been ready for a bit of space- she's with me 24/7, such a mummy's girl!! 😊


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