craving for chips :(

Is it safe to have chips??

some are saying it can harm the fetus :(

sour cream and onion chips um dying to have them :'(

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  • Chips or crisps? Anyways both are fine... Why would they harm baby?! It's potatoes. I wouldn't over indulge as high in calories and salt but no reason that you can't have it

  • some are saying it contains sodium and bcoz its canned its harmful :(

  • Hope not, I was eating crisps to keep me going while making dinner in the earlier months! (Gone off them a bit now, though.) There's a good list of foods to avoid here: and it doesn't say anything about crisps, chips or salt.

  • I'm Not sure I've ever heard of canned chips... Are you UK based? Sounds like it's not a food I'm familiar with sorry

  • I think she means Pringles

  • Sodium chloride is basically salt. Obviously too much will increase your blood pressure regardless of whether you are pregnant or not!

    Put it this way, some women smoke and drink alcohol. Salty chips won't hurt!

  • I eat more salt during this pregnancy than ever. I ad it to every meal. I have the blood pressure rather on low side (in last appointment it was high for me something like 117/72 as usually it's around 100/62) as I have no problem with water retention (yet) I will use it. However, I don't eat out nor ready made meals so I believe I need it and baby needs it too :)

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