Cramp in 2nd trimester?

I had some cramps and spotting in week 6 but was sent for an early scan and all was declared well. Now I'm 17 weeks and I'm getting intermittent cramp again in exactly the same spot as earlier (just to right of centre, low on belly). I can't seem to find anything about cramps at this stage and no-one I've chatted to seems to have heard of it.

I had a midwife appointment last week but it was quite rushed and we had a lot to do and to be honest it hadn't been that bad so I didn't get to ask, but typically it has been worse over the weekend. Has anyone else had anything similar, and should I be seeing someone about it?

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  • It's not related to spd is it? Is it around your pelvis or pubic bone?

  • Thanks KellyTrip - no not really, it's on the front of the bump near the centre. Pretty sure it's not a joint pain.

  • There's a few things that could be causing it I think - possibly stretching pains, which can happen at any point and can sometimes be quite painful and cramp like. Or, like KellyTrip suggested, possibly spd, which can commonly start around this point in pregnancy (but also much sooner or later!).

    I would make a point of mentioning it to your midwife though, simply because she might want to check you over and check your urine - I had cramping in the second trimester which turned out to be uti's and kidney problems, so the earlier they catch and treat it, the better. Not to scare you, but untreated Uti's *can* bring on premature labour in severe cases, so I'd just mention it to your midwife or gp, just to be on the safe side.

    Hope it eases up soon and is just everything stretching out to accommodate baby :-)

  • Hi k44tew, thanks for this - I looked at the description of spd and I don't think it matches - it's about level with hip bone but nearer the centre line. Maybe it's just stretching, I'd be surprised if this was so consistently all on one side but there seem to be lots of surprising things about pregnancy!

    I'll give it a couple of days then drop my midwife a line if it's still sore, just in case.

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