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Twins tips request

hello there, if anyone has any top tips for breastfeeding twins, I would love to hear. I fed my nearly 2yearold boy until 1y3m and although I would love to give our twins the same at the mo my focus will be managing to breastfeed them at all. I had my little boy naturally w no interventions whatsoever but am repeatedly being told to expect a c section for twins safety, which isn't a path I'd choose but obviously safety first. I'm presuming, possibly wrongly that the more interventions (been told to expect a c section at 37w) the less likely my milk is to come in... And just a whole load of complications. If anyone has any advice on birthing twins (my choice would be a water birth at full term as I was lucky enough to have before), feeding twins or just coping with twins I would love to hear from you. I'm 39y, with a nearly 2y old little boy & have a bent coccyx & spinal issue (my only risk factor though is that I am carry twins) so will do all I can to avoid being stuck in a sitting/laid position in hospital bed. Best wishes, Kate :)

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I am interested in this too. Am expecting identical twins. Have you been to a multiples class at your hospital or through TAMBA? I have the NHS one booked. I haven't been yet but am just hoping to get that far as have been referred to the specialist at Kings tomorrow as they think I have TTTS. Good luck to you.


good to hear from you SS :) we are only at 10w so only early days but doesn't mean I haven't had a worry about the extra amount of work twins will be (already having a busy 2yold) & the possible complications. Our twins have their own bags apparently but that is all I know, that and my morning sickness is constant day and night, can't wait for it to ease up :) I have been waiting until 12w scan to look up TAMBA as we had a miscarriage last summer & I didn't want to get ahead of myself. Yet still wanted to ask some advice on here so I'd realise women have been having twins forever & we'll just find a way to cope :) My Great Nana had 8children & in there were two set of non identical twins so really I guess I shouldn't be worrying, but it doesn't stop you :) thanks for your twins classes advice (will book in when past 12w) & best of luck with your Kings appointment x


Hi kate, I'm a breastfeeding peer supporter :)

Your milk comes in when your placenta is removed and that basically sends the message to start colustrum and milk. So don't worry if you do end up with a c-section. But equally many women do give birth to twins vaginally.

I would recommend finding your nearest le leche, Breastfeeding network or ABM or similar breastfeeding group now to locate your areas support so if you need help after the birth you know who to contact. You can also use the national bf helpline.

Some mums who feed twins manage to feed both at once, others feed separately or a bit of both.

It's all about what works for you. You've done it before so knowing your body can do this should give you the confidence to believe you can do it again :)


thank you for taking the time to reply Claire, I appreciate it :) Good to understand what it is (placenta removal) that triggers the colustrum coming, I didn't really know exactly what triggers it. Good to hear there are plant if vaginal.twin births too. It's a shame to hear lots of 'non straightforward' stories & be great to hear more of 'smooth' births that happen. I wonder have you hear of any water births of twins (that is what I would love, as it worked for me last time), but so far I've been told there's v little hope of that/no gonna happen. Good to hear of your experience of other tin feeding Mums and I will defo find out where local support groups are by the time we had our 20w scan. Last time we hadn't even got round to finishing packing a hospital bag (39w+5d) I started my mat leave the morning baby arrived, so will be better planned this time esp as twins are likely to come a little early. Thanks again for all the info :)


No worries :)

Knowing where to get help is really the most important thing :)

Also once youre on mat leave, any BF groups will be most glad to have you go along to ask any questions x


that is good to know I could go ask some questions beforehand at a BF group , thank you :)


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