Pregnancy safe hair dye?

Hello ladies, I'll be getting married at 17w pregnant (well assuming all goes well) & although I'll prob be rather big (it's my third pregnancy and this time it's twins). As with my other pregnancies my rosacea has flared up horribly so I'd at least like to have nice hair on our special day. Can anyone recommend a pregnancy safe hair dye please? I have strawberry blonde hair but a big white streak on front of my head which I'd love to cover up :) Many thanks in advance, Kate :)

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Hi. I have been dyeing my hair since week 15, I used products by L'Oréal and Kevin Murphy. Good luck on your big day xx

Hi there and congratulations! 🎉 I love the idea of getting married with a baby bump, so cute!!

A bit of research has gone into the safety of hair dye during pregnancy and it's been found that since the dye only touches your scalp for a little while, the chemicals don't really get absorbed into the bloodstream, so it's fine! Just make sure the room is well ventilated and that you don't keep the dye on longer than the recommended time.

I get pretty bad rosacea too as I'm quite pale but I've found that using a green tinted primer under my makeup takes a lot of the redness away. It can be a little bit expensive depending which brand you use (I use the No7 one) but it does wonders for my confidence! X

thank you Neeniecat :) That is great to hear. I never wear any makeup (figuring the more I faff w my skin the more it will lare up). But will have to do something for special day. So a greenish primer and then do you add foundation on top? Sorry I am totally dense on make up front. Good to hear about hair dye too. Will have to have some kind of trial run I guess soon as only 7w away.

Neeniecat can I ask another question (I'm a freckly burner skin type) do u wear sun protection and do you cleanse and tone? I've always avoided cleansing and toning as all the extra skin faff upsets my skin and also swerve sun cream knowing I'll only have to get it off afterwards. I'm currently using aloe gelly on my face to calm I down/as a moisturiser. In between pregnancies I did use rosex and it 99%cleared away my rosacea but not recommended for use whilst preg or BF, if that is of any interest? Thanks for your help x

Sorry for my late reply! You're very welcome! If you're not used to wearing makeup then I'd just pop around Boots one day and ask the different counters for their advice. I'm sure once they hear your big day is coming up, they'll be more than happy to give you a make over and can suggest the best products for your skin. That's what I did anyway (sometimes they give you loads of free samples too)

My skin is really sensitive and flares up if I use face wash or cleansers so I just have to use a face cloth and warm water to take my makeup off. I tried to use sensitive baby wipes but they made my skin so red and dry. I have to wear makeup though 'cause my confidence is so low, I feel like I can't go anywhere without it on! I don't wear sunscreen either but I make sure that my moisturiser and foundation always has an SPF in it as I burn easily too. I've found Dermalex is really good and it's safe to use in pregnancy as it doesn't have antibiotics in it. Hope that helps! X

I waited till first trimester last time then got my hair dyed after that (normally use garnier) and was fine last time round.

If you're particularly concerned you can try avoid bleaches and see if you find more natural hair dyes, but I really don't think it's an issue either way

thank you Roxannacar, brill will give it a try in a couple of weeks when out of first trimester :)

I did my highlights & lowlights around week 20 as I was going on holidays and I disliked how I looked with 5cm roots (as it's not all head - my hairdresser used foil and the colour did not touch my scalp) now week 32 and plan to visit hairdresser in few weeks time- again, for my sanity reasons- and as I will have none to leave the baby to: this appointment will sort me out for another few months.

Have a wonderful this upcoming special day! :) x

thank you Chris, foils sounds like a good idea to keep it away from my skin :)

Have u ever tried rosewater on ur face to clear it up? It works wonders if u apply frequently. Congratulations on ur twins BTW xx

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