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Herbal teas

I keep getting conflicting information from different sources. Some say hibiscus tea is dangerous, and I've just realised the red fruits tea I've been drinking contains 30% hibiscus. Also, some places say camomile tea is good and fine and other places say it's dangerous. I know it says on the NHS site to drink them in moderation but if some are dangerous, it should be more specific, no? On the other hand, some of the US sites seem really alarmist. I don't know what's right anymore :/

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I had this issue the first time around. I went off tea during my first pregnancy but I drank peppermint and camomile and my son was fine! He is a smart boy so maybe it helped 😉. I never knew about hibiscus though!


Hmm not sure about hibiscus, I've been drinking peppermint to help my tum and have been avoiding any kind of raspberry leaf (as said to bring on labour in later pregnancy?) also been avoiding ginseng as read that wasn't great but I have a feeling the amounts of these herbs in the tea esp after brewing is not great enough to do anything harsh? But not an expert! Xx


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