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8mm Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound :(


Hi All,

I've just had my ultrasound scan at 13 weeks and everything was going fine, the baby was moving and the Sonographer was pointing out all the different body parts to us and then suddenly the Sonographer advised us that the fluid behind the baby's neck is 8 mm which is much higher than normal (up to about 3.5 mm is considered normal) and this means there is an increased risk of having a baby with downs syndrome, chromosomal abnormalities or major congenital heart problems :(. We were totally shocked and devastated as I really hoped everything was going to be okay this time as I had 2 scans at 7 weeks and 10 weeks and everything seemed fine. I am now waiting for the results from the blood tests to get my overall risk of having a baby with one of these conditions but as I'm sure you can imagine waiting is a nightmare!. Has anyone else had a high measurement? If so would you mind sharing the outcome?. I was really hoping to be able to relax after this scan as I had a miscarriage last year at 11 weeks (blighted ovum) and now I am even more worried than I was before, I just want my little baby to be ok :(.

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Hie Hun. Sorry you are in such distress. I had my scan at 12 weeks. Everything was normal and all measurements were fine. I only got a call 2 weeks later that my blood test showed a 1 in 96 chance of baby having DS.

I've had 5 miscarriages so you can imagine my pain. If all goes well, this will be my 1st child. The next test to do on NHS carries a risk of miscarriage and with my history it's a no go. Next test I can do I have to pay £300. I came on here and the ladies gave me something to think about.

1. Would you terminate if you find baby has a condition.

2. Would it make any difference to you how baby is.

I decided NOT to go for further tests. Will love baby regardless so why put myself through all that agony. It's an awful wait Hun and if you know you really would rather know then brace yourself. Relax and take each day as it comes. Worrying won't solve anything.

All the best x

Ranju91 in reply to ebonysly

I am extremely sorry you have had to go through all these pain... however you are a brave and beautiful soul... may god bless you and have beautiful and healthy pregnancy ❤️


Your stress is understandable. However, not to worry everything will be alright. One of my sisters was also told that she had high risks for DS and was frequently called for check up. However, she delivered a beautiful and healthy child who is almost 5 years now.

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I got my 2nd scan in 16 weeks as I also had my unsuccessful pregnancy last year.I hope everything will go well this time by god's grace.

May god bless you with healthy and happy pregnancy.

Stay calm and positive dear ❤️

Hey hun,

I havent been in the same scenario as mine was low, but it means there is an increased risk, and it isnt definite outcome.

I agree with ebonysly that you should consider what it means if your baby does/doesnt have DS or any condition. But I also know someone who was measuring high, and chose to continue with the pregnancy, and the baby was born with no conditions at all.

I dont want to tell you what to do, but I find this page really supportive, and we will support you if you need us too, no matter your decision xxxx


Thank you all for your kind messages - it is so nice to read supportive comments.

Ebonysly -how terrible to have to go through 5 miscarriages, having just one is horrific enough, you really do deserve a bit of luck :(. I was also advised about the tests if my risk turns out to be very high when the blood results come in. I am with you on the NHS test that has a risk of miscarriage, it would be terrible to have the test done to find out your baby was fine and then miscarry because of the test but if my risk is very high I think I will pay privately for the test with no risk as I would want to know how serious the condition or defect could be to be able to decide what is best for me and my baby. I don't want them to have a life of suffering as that would be too much to bare :(.

Ranju91 - I hope everything goes well for you this time, I know it's hard not to worry once you've had a miscarriage as it takes the innocence of pregnancy away :( but hopefully your 16 week scan goes well and it helps you relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :).

I'm trying to relax but also preparing myself for a high risk and what my next step will be if it is. Luckily I work in a hospital so the midwife I spoke to after the scan result is going to come and see me rather than phone me when the blood results come in and I also have a very supportive manager/team so I won't have to take the news alone thankfully!.

Thank you again for replying to my post :)

Really sorry to hear that.hope everything is fine with your baby.I had the same stress in my pregnancy.my 13 weeks scan was alright,but my blood tests showed that I have a high risk for down sindrom(1:110) had a miscarriage last year as well and I was devastated.But I didn't go any further for other tests because we wouldn't end the pregnancy no matter what.And today we have a lovely and healthy baby boy.God is Great!have faith and don't get yourself too stressed.your baby needs you to be strong for him. God bless you both


I got my blood tests back and it's as I expected the risk is as high as it can be for Downs Syndrome (1 in 2 or 50%). I also have been given a high risk for Patau syndrome (trisomy 13) which is 1:100 and advised due to the size of the Nuchal Translucency that there is a good chance it might be Turners Syndrome. I had the Harmony Test done today which has no risk of miscarriage as even with such high odds I want to give the baby the best chance without risks and been advised the results should come in about a week. It's going to be a long week waiting for the results. It's hard to feel positive with such poor odds but I have read other stories where people have had similar odds as me and still had a healthy baby so all hope is not lost yet.

Allina - I'm so glad to hear it all worked out for you :)

behappy1 in reply to Hidden

What a stressful time you're going through. I hope it all works out for you. Xx


Thank you behappy1, It's horrible waiting to hear the results as there is nothing you can do until you know the outcome :(.

Just reading your posts and really crossing my fingers that the test results are all going to be OK. Big hugs


Thank you for your message Emmab178, we are hoping the results come tomorrow as it will be a week tomorrow. I'm dreading and wanting them at the same time :(.

VictoriaH1 in reply to Hidden

Sending best wishes for your results x


The results came in from the harmony test and unfortunately have confirmed that our baby has down's syndrome :(. I already expected it with such bad odds but now even the small amount of hope is gone. Thank you all for your messages, they did help me through the waiting.

ChrisWest1983 in reply to Hidden

I want to say something but not sure which words are right to use as don't want to upset you. Just want to let you know that our there are people like me who think of you!

Big hugs,x

Zoinya, I know it's not the news you were hoping for.

Not sure if you have made any decisions. I'm not sure what turners is, but it might be worth looking into in more detail. It might not be as bad as you think. Have you spoken to parents of children with downs and see how they manage things? Or have you spent any time with people that have downs? To give you more of an insight how life would be.

Drs can be very pushy and this is still your child and your still decision. I hope you make an informed decision which is best for you and your partner.

Thinking of you at this difficult time xx

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