Is waxing safe when pregnant???

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  • Yes it's safe if you're not diabetic. You are more likely to bruise and skin is more sensitive when pregnant.

  • Thank you... just silly things like that don't be in the books lol just wanted to check before getting one

  • I get my eyebrows waxed! I have been told it's safe.

  • It's bikini I'm getting.....

  • Yeah it's any waxing I was told when I asked a midwife!

  • Thank you 😃always good to have the reassurance

  • Safe! I normally epilate and shave but as I can't see myself anymore down there I had Hollywood done.

  • So jealous of you! Where I live here are only small beauty salons with little experience of waxing (I tried few and gave up as it was a torture, compared to when I lived in London and in 10 min I was clean and smooth and it was painless)