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Ate raw borlotti beans - dangerous for baby?

Hello Everyone,

I ate a vegetarian chillie my friend made last night and had trouble sleeping and felt unwell during the night. I asked him today and he said the borlotti beans in it had only been soaked for a few hours but not cooked. Now I read online that uncooked beans contain a poison called phasin.

Can I have harmd my baby? Am in week 25.

Help please!! (Maybe some health professional sees my question...)

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Sorry I don't have any advice about the beans. I know kidney beans can be harmful if not cooked properly. Can you contact your midwife for advice?


I did some research last night - there are people who eat these beans raw, they love them and they are totally fine. If you had a food poisoning from them you would be vomiting and with trots (4-12 hours after eating them).

Hope you're feeling well and so is baby!x


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