Vomiting blood 😩

Happy Easter dear ladies!

I am 30 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I woke up with a sinus headache. I knew it will be a long day with throwing up and resting. I had a breakfast and threw up. Had lunch and threw up. Then I came to bed at 9pm to rest but straight went to toilet as something was coming up my throat. First came bits of my lunch then fresh blood. I am used to throwing up a lot (migraine sufferer who could throw up 48-72h with no food and no liquid in the stomach) but blood- first time.

I googled it and it sounds "acceptable" but wonder if any of you have similar experience?

Thanks in advance!x


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5 Replies

  • If you vomit and wretch a lot a small amount of blood can come up from irritation of the stomach lining. When you're pregnant you have more tendency to bleed like when brushing teeth etc. As long as it was a small amount and it has settled theres not much to do about it. Make sure your stool is normal colour and not black. It it persists or your stool is black you should get it checked out.

  • I have had a few nose bleeds throughout my pregnancy which sometimes ends up in my mouth when I spit. Considering the headache linked to your sinuses, could it be that? You may have low blood pressure so make sure your not lying on your back when you sleep xxx

  • Thanks for your replies ladies! I feel less worried now. I'll monitor myself and will tell my midwife on Friday about this incident.

    It was quite a bit of blood. First brown and then reddish /pink. I wanted to take a photo to show doctor but by the time I reached for my phone it had oxidised and was all brown. I'll definitely follow your advice Roxanna and will examine my poo today/tomorrow. Also still having my headache and feeling nauseous but afraid to vomit as want my stomach and throat to rest to heal.

    I also have tiny bit of blood when I blow my nose but the amount of blood in the vomit was a lot compare to few drops from the nose. You're right Julia - I always had low blood pressure :( and since baby started to move I have not been able to sleep on my back as he's getting too excited and wiggly. Also my hips hurt - so all night I am tossing about. These days Braxton hicks are bothering me lots as they are very persistent - can't imagine that I have another 9 weeks of them. One good thing I hope will come out of it- my uterus muscles will be all trained up to push this baby out with no effort 😊 But I suppose it's just a myth...

    Thanks again for your replies!x

  • Not pregnancy related but I came back from holiday with a parasite! I couldn't eat or drink anything as it was coming out both ends. I was so dehydrated my joints were hurting. If you become too dehydrated you may need a drip. Keep an eye out for joint pain and dark urine x

  • The whole way through my pregnancy i had cold like symptoms which also included a lot of mucus in my throat which would make me wretch and i often bought up blood. I think it's just from wretching so much, i don't think it's anything to be concerned about.

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