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I am due to have my birth control implant out in 2 weeks as my partner and I want to start trying for baby number 2. I have been lucky enough to of had a quick conception with my son after being on the implant but this time I've had it in longer and had no periods at all since having it in. How long has it taken others to get pregnant after the implant? Also how have people found a 4.5yr age gap? Have I left it too late to give my son a sibling, will the age gap be too big for them to play together well.

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  • Not sure about implant but with regards to age gap I don't think it matters, my partner has 2 kids from a previous marriage their 14 and 16 and I am about to drop, their mother is also pregnant. They are super excited! Xx

  • I suppose all answers will be very subjective - as it depends on many things : children characters and mums energy levels, etc.

    One friend of mine has an age gap between her boys 4y2months (now little one is 4 months old) . Other friend has 2 years gap between her boys- her house is always loud, boys are always fighting / sometimes playing, however, it was very difficult for her first years when baby was born as other one was not big either to understand concept of danger and needed lots of looking after and attention.

    Back to friend One- her big boy goes to nursery every morning from 9-12, so she's calmly at home with the baby and has time to catch up with household jobs when baby is sleeping his morning nap.

    I grew up having a 1y4m gap between my sister and me and it was cool and we were like twins. But I think it's such a hard job when 2 kids are so close together (I was a nanny for twins and that felt easier for me than to look after one who's 2,5 years and let's say curious 9 months old)

    Good luck!x

  • The age gap is definately not too long! I plan to have my second baby 3-5 years after this one. Good luck x

  • I had my mirena coil in for 4yrs and had it removed to try for another baby. Bleeding was quite heavy for about a week afterwards but started trying as soon as the bleeding stopped and we got pregnant straight away! So within 2 weeks of having it removed I was pregnant and baby is due in 3 weeks time. I believe the implant works similarly to the coil in that your hormones go back to normal as soon as it is removed. Our daughter is 8 in June - I never wanted a big age gap between my kids but my husband didn't want another after our daughter as we were quite young when we had her. However he had a change of heart last year so we decided to go for it. I'm apprehensive about how the age gap will potentially affect their relationship as they grow up, especially as this baby is a boy. There is 4yrs 4m between me and my brother and we have never gotten along but I have spoken to loads of people who have younger/older siblings with an 8yr plus age gap and they're really close so fingers crossed my 2 stay best friends. Good luck conceiving baby number 2 😊 TIP: It's worth downloading a conception app to your phone

  • Thanks everyone, fingers crossed it won't take too long. Only time will tell about the age gap, but we are all a very close family so hopefully it'll all work out x

  • Hi there! I had an implant for six years and my periods had stopped completely too! The advice I was given from my gp was to wait for a 'withdrawal' period after having it taken out and then wait for two natural periods, so about three months. I think that's just so you get a regular cycle going again which makes it easier to pin point when you ovulate and when you've conceived. Obviously it's possible to conceive before then, I cheated and only waited a month 😁 Good luck! X

  • The age gap will be fine. There's 8 years between me and my eldest sibling then 7years between me and my youngest. You just need to make sure your first born doesn't get jealous.

    The hormone has changed in the implant they use now so it may take you a little longer to get pregnant. My friend was off hers for 8 months before she managed to get caught.

    Hope all works out xx

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