When is the best time to start baby shopping?

Hi ladies! I'm 18+1 with my first and absolutely itching to buy a pram I've had my eye on (it's on special offer atm) but I can't shift this feeling that it's too soon! Ever since I found out I'm pregnant I've been trying my hardest not to get too excited in case I jinx anything haha. I had a private scan a week ago and everything looked to be okay (we also discovered we're having a boy!) but do I wait 'til after my 20 week scan just to be sure? Or do I go for it? I'm worried that the pram might go out of stock by then! Arghhhh!

When did you start buying things for your little ones? X

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My advice: If you really believe you'll jinx it by buying then don't buy as you'll be angry with yourself if something goes unexpected!

Personally me: I was thinking about having a baby for past 5 years (even when I did not have a bf) I started slowly buying baby books and maternity clothes for past year. And once we decided that we will have a baby and will start to try in 3 months time- I got pregnant unexpextedly within 1 week. So I kept buying things since and think baby nearly has everything he will need and more and now on week 30 and started buying stuff to put in my hospital bag. Some people might think I am weird buying things in advance - but I am such a practical person (yesterday went into Morhercare and bought on sale a cute outfit for the age 6-9 months).

Good luck with your shopping now or later!x

I had a missed miscarriage last April, and since falling pregnant again (currently 38 weeks) I have been paranoid that something bad will happen again, I didn't buy anything until I was about 23 weeks which worked out well as it was the sales after Xmas, even then I got partner to ask what happens if something bad happens, Mothercare said I had 4 weeks to return unopened items however if something bad happened after that I should always ask and they would see what they can do, but not to presume I would get money back-which I understood. Spent over £300 this one time, and even now it's still unopened in boxes in loft. If you had not had private scan I would say where's the harm in waiting however given the fact your 18 weeks your way out of the danger zone, everyone's opinion on when to buy bits will be different I have known people who have brought it all by 12 weeks, I get that if people are struggling financially they would spread the cost. If I were you as you have 4 weeks to return I would buy Pram, as your get your 20 week scan in a few weeks. But it's up to you! X

If it's a good deal and you definitely want that one then I'd probably buy it! Things do go on sale time to time, but might not be that particular one. You're not going to jinx things because you buy the pram ... unfortunately bad things do happen (less so after 12 weeks) but you can't live your life in fear.

For my first one I bought the nursery set at about 25 weeks cuz it was a good deal. Didn't buy the other stuff till 35 weeks, but that's only because I didn't know what I wanted and was too busy with work. Once I started my mat leave (at 35weeks) I was then panicking that I needed to buy everything and have a car seat to take baby home in!

Bought my pram the day I had my 20 week scan because it was on offer, it's the only pram I liked and had it gone on offer sooner I would have bought it sooner.

The only thing we had bought prior to that was the car seat again because it was on offer. Everything else has been done over the past few months.

We waited till after our 20 week scan to start buying things as we wanted to know sex of baby, was also 21 weeks over Christmas so made sense for us to wait.

The pram will most likely be on sale plenty more times before you have him. However, I would still say go for it you'll be kicking yourself if you go to buy it and it's no longer on offer.

I started at 20 weeks and still shopping now at 34 weeks. There is a really good Facebook page called mums to be and it shows a lots of products for sale. My pram had a promotion which is still on now. I would wait for the anomaly 20 week scan and then go nuts xxx

Youve just had a scan and if anything was majorly wrong they would have picked it up surely. It depends how much the pram has been reduced by - it is one of your bigger buys and you will have lots of other stuff to buy if this is your first baby, so I might be worth spreading the cost.

I myself am 26 weeks pregnant and had two miscarriages before this one, and have a clotting issue which can affect pregnancy at any time. I had a scan at 16weeks because I felt that the wait from 12 to 20 was too long to see if growth was good. But after that scan I started to relax a bit and decided to enjoy my pregnancy.

I used to be very superstitious but the reality is buying stuff isn't going on to physically change anything (other then saving you money)

Enjoy the experience x

I went the afternoon of my 20 week scan to order my pram. However people kept saying that's it's bad luck to have your pram in the house before baby born, the shop were really great and offered to keep it held until baby was born.

It's all just superstition really but if you believe in it then stick to what you think. 😀

I have also heard about it being bad luck being in house before baby's born, luckily my nans house is next door and she's holding mine for me! Xx

I think Mothercare do a baby plan thing. Where you can buy stuff and then delivery it altogether when it is closer to the birth. I think it also allows you to pay for things slowly too


I've been feeling a bit like you, currently 27 weeks and don't have anything apart from the travel system. After my 20 week scan the pram I'd had my eye was on special offer and we saved £300 so had to order it, when we placed the order we found out there was a 13 week wait for delivery so glad we did bite the bullet!

Thank you for all your advice ladies, I really appreciate it!

I think I can hold off buying it for two weeks, but I'll be watching it like a hawk just in case! I've never really been a superstitious person but I think all the anxiety really gets to you in pregnancy doesn't it. My OH is constantly reassuring me that everything's going to be okay and he's probably right, but I still end up lying awake all night overthinking!

I'm really glad to hear that you're all doing well and I hope you're having a lovely Easter weekend! X

I misscarried at 22weeks, I had to return everything. I'm sure you and your boy will be 100% fine but might be best waiting till 24weeks when baby is classed as viable. That was my rule for when I had my now 3yr old after losing my first son. Plus you may change your mind in the time you have left. I had really bad pram envy lol

I was really bad and everyone told me not too but I started buying things really early on. The baby was a surprise and it helped me to get my head around it. I've been buying things as they come on offer or as I see them! I was also very excited once over the shock!

Whatever will be will be Hun, and if anything was to happen it wouldn't be effected by weather or not you'd bought anything ( i do understand the feeling of jinxing it). Starting to buy my baby's bits helped me to calm down and enjoy my pregnancy so if you feel ready then go for it.

I had my sterialiser and Moses basket plus some clothes at 12 weeks, Now nearly 19 all I really need is my pram 🙊

Hope this helps. Take care and enjoy your pregnancy xx

Hahaha - you are my kind of girl.

For the big expensive stuff I would suggest to try to wait as much as you can: the guarantee period will then last longer. With my first the pram and baby monitor broke and we almost missed the guarantee window bc I bought them way too early (week 20 I think). The pram was the uppababy and we had the travel bag which is like a 2-year insurance -- it broke during a trip and we got the parts replaced for free.

We have been trying for 5 months to get pregnant. I am pretty sure I am now but I started 5 months ago. When we decided to try to get pregnant.cant resist the deals bought mutual colored stuff for boy or girl. If you can't or dont well then you can pass it down to a friend or sister or etc or sell it. But i know at least from me not waiting i dont have to stress about buying the big things. I dont have a crib yet but i do have a bassinet. Crib is to big to have laying around right now.

Be careful as sounds like you are going to end up with lots of stuff if you're buying things before you even know you're pregnant for sure. 9 months is a long time to resist buying stuff

I'd personally wait wish you all the luck for your baby xx

Thank you! I had my anomaly scan and all was well so I bought the pram as it had gone down again by £50 + free car seat and I really didn't want to miss out on that! I haven't bought anything else yet, so far he's got a pram and a pack of socks 😂 X

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