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Urgent advice needed on having birth induced

Hello all,

I am 38 weeks now, and it has been suggested that I be induced (on the 18th of April).

The reason I have been given is that I have been to the hospital 4 times with worries about reduced movements.

However the first time I went I was told I wasn't feeling the movements because the placenta was at the front. The second time I had a really bad virus and was coughing severely all the time so my stomach was constantly tense and in pain because of this, hence I couldn't really distinguish between baby movements and pain from all the coughing.

The third time I didn't go because of reduced movements I went because the Midwife had taken a measurement and thought the baby was small, however following a scan all was yet again fine and the baby is actually on the higher end of the normal development track.

At my last midwife appointment (very shortly after the scan) the midwife again had a lower size estimate but pointed out that the scan was more accurate and it's quite subjective which was good.

I explained that I was yet again ill (coughing and blowing my nose a lot) but she didn't think much of this.

The midwife said that the movements would feel different as my pregnancy went on, when I said there had been a slight change she said 'if I felt any changes I should go to the hospital'.

Now feeling more anxious I spent a worried night coughing and sneezing. Although I was feeling movements throughout the night and next day, I was now paranoid that I wasn't sure I could feel the baby moving quite as much, so from the midwifes advice felt I should go to the hospital. SO the next day feeling very ill and confused I called the hospital who told me to come in.

All was fine with baby who again measured just on the top end of the growth chart and had healthy flow through the umbilical cord and a good heart beat.

HOWEVER the doctor told me that now because I have been in complaining of reduced movements 4 times he recommends I be induced on 18th.

Having read that this can be more painful and the baby's lungs may not be fully developed, plus the fact the baby is healthy I am not sure I agree with this recommendation.

I have now been more diligently recording the baby's movements per hour and there is a definite pattern of activity which I had been vaguely aware of previously, with baby moving throughout the day but mainly late evening and morning.

Soooo I wondered if anyone has any advice please, I have to make a decision by my pre-induction appointment tomorrow!!!

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less or unusual movements are often a sign that a baby is in trouble - there are other parameters eg growth, amount of amniotic fluid, movements and blood flow through the uterine blood vessels as well as fetal breathing movements seen on scan. Why not adj for such a scan to monitor these parameters if u are unsure about being induced as induction of labour is not without its risks to mother and baby. Then u can weigh up the benefits against the risks - essential in order to make an informed choice.

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I'm not sure induction is more painful than natural labour... why should it be? You are giving a type of medication that helps the body go through the natural process of dilatation so I don't see why it should be more or less painful. Also at 38 weeks baby's lungs are full developed. anything after 37 weeks is considered full term. So that really shouldn't be an issue.

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I think with induction the labour is considered more painful as the artificial hormone gives stronger contractions and women need stronger pain killers/choose epidural and other inventions and some percentage ends up with emergency c-section...

Hopefully membrane sweep could start it off!

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Unfortunately the c section thing is true but only because the induction doesn't always work, or you don't progress. but unfortunately that can happen even with "natural" labour.

Problem with membrane sweep is they can only do it with your a bit dilated. MW tried doing it in me when I was 40weeks but couldn't as there wasn't any room to. Had it done again at 40+5 and that worked and delivered by next day . (Was booked for induction 2 days after).

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I totally agree with you.I can personally say as I have been given oxitocin right after my c section to make my uterus contract as it wasnt doing it by itself.It was soooo painful I was holding onto the handrail of the bed.I had it for 12 hours.If you can try to avoid it.


I had an incuded labour due to reduced movements/labour starting and stopping but my son was 41 weeks (so not early). I'm not going to lie, it was painful, but that's because the hormones caused my contractions to come very close together (every minute for a minute for about 11 hours). I did it though with just gas and air and now I'm pregnant with baby 2, if they told me I needed inducing I'd do again. Hope this helps.

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I think it's a matter of choice. Do what you feel comfortable with and do always listen to your own instincts. I think personally I would want to get the baby delivered by 38 weeks to ensure all is well. The baby is full term by then. I was induced at 38 weeks on my last pregnancy and found it ok. Yes the contractions came on quite suddenly but at least it was over and done with in less than 4 hours. Best of luck !



It is if course a personal choice but by 38 weeks hubs is developed and labour could start naturally on it's own at this point. If it helps with your difficult choice I was induced. Dead on 40 weeks due to BP issues and had a good labour birth. I had no intervention. No painkillers at all (although yes...labour hurts) needed only 1 pessary and baby born healthy & fine within the same day. There are cases where it's harder but when I was trying to decide I couldn't find many positive stories out there and was terrified so just thought I'd let you know it can happen. If I had to again if in best interest of baby I wouldn't hesitate.

Hope you find the answer. I know it's a tough choice hun.

Best Wishes.


Hello all, thank you soo much for your advice and well wishes!

I have been to the hospital for a scan (Ultrasound and heartbeat/movement monitor) both scans were quote 'perfect'.

I expressed my concerns to the midwife and consultant about being induced, both were very understanding. They said that as all the scans, measurements and me have been completely healthy so far they would be happy to wait a while before reconsidering the option of induction. I will however be going in every 2/3 days for scans to ensure the baby remains healthy. I was also very kindly encouraged that if I am worried at any stage I am very welcome to call the hospital and they would get me in for a check up whenever necessary.

So very happy with the care and advice from the hospital and RELIEVED PLEASED HAPPY about the outcome.

Thanks again for your advice I'll keep you posted :)

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