Hi everyone,

I'm 17 weeks nearly 18 (first pregnancy) and I haven't felt the baby move yet! :(

Is this normal? Most if my friends with babies had felt there's at this point. I don't really know what to expect as it's my first pregnancy, are they really obvious kicks or could the baby be moving and I'm putting it down to my belly rumbling!?

Sorry if these are really stupid questions! Dying to feel the baby move, and keep worrying as most pregnancy symptoms have gone now and I don't feel very pregnant anymore.



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  • Hi it's perfectly normal not to feel anything yet. With my first i didn't feel anything until after my 20 weeks scan. At first it won't feel like a kick , it will feel more like a little flutter in you belly but its a lovely feeling. I wouldn't worry too much. Good luck with your pregnancy. Xx

  • Same I didn't feel my son until about 22 weeks

  • Hello dear! Don't worry - most of us - first time mums are worried and anxious a lot. And I am glad that pregnancy symptoms are gone (my nausea was killing me) Soon your baby will start to kick - just be a bit patient (with first babies it's normal to not feel kicks till week 24) It depends on many things : where your placenta is, your weight, on baby itself. I noticed my baby to move On week 16 and kicking on week 17. But that was very start of it. Very irregular kicks and for example if you're working and active it's possible you missed some kicks already. My sister in law nearly did not feel any kicks through all her pregnancy and had a gorgeous & healthy baby girl!

    Be patient and you'll feel it soon! x

  • I was 22 weeks when I first felt my baby move, at 20 week scan baby was laying low and placenta was in front of baby and midwife had said this is why I couldn't feel it! I was worried too as it was my first and everyone kept telling me I should have felt it!

  • Don't panic! I found it hard to tell in my first pregnancy. Kicks felt like bubbles of gas rather than actual kicks. I felt them earlier this time around (about 16 weeks) only because I know what they feel like now. I am now 19 weeks and the movements are still small do I only really notice them when I am sitting quietly!! You probably are just dismissing them as usual tummy goings on lol.

  • Thank you everyone you've all calmed me down a little. My partner keeps telling me relax but it's hard as I'm so egar to feel the little one move about!! Xxx

  • Soon my dear, it will happen soon! :) x

  • 20 weeks for me during my first pregnancy, but can be later. Nothing of concern v normal. Baby is small for long time and has plenty of room so takes a while till you feel them, esp first pregnancy

  • I'm in week 25 and only really feeling him since about 2 weeks. My placenta is at the front of my tummy, maybe that contributes to him being less noticeable. Although the cheeky monkey seems to be kicking me down in the groin now sometimes lol.

    Most important is that your doctors were happy with him at your ultrasound appointments. All else will come in due course. Enjoy!!!

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