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Home birth advice

I'm expecting baby number 2 it's still very early days but I'd like some advice on home births through the nhs.

I had an ectopic pregnancy the first time I fell pregnant and lost my tube and 4 pints of blood. While giving birth to my daughter I lost 1700ml of blood about double the amount they like.

I would really really like to have a home birth with this baby but I'm worried about blood loss and not getting help at home but going to hospital last time slowed my labour down loads.

Has anyone had a similar situation or have any advice for a home birth? Please and thank you.

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You would have to speak to the midwife directly as if you had a high risk birth last time you might not be offered one.

Personally I would be wary of a home birth if you bled some much last time, as some things can be a matter of time (bleeding one of them) and 1700ml is a pretty huge amount. Normally it's less than 500ml.


It's your choice, but I agree with Roxan - it sounds too great risk for you to do it at home after previous experiences. Also second babies tend to arrive quicker and easier than first ones so maybe hospital won't slow it down this time. (My poor mum gave birth to my second sister at home as she arrived so quickly but her placenta was still attached after its delivery and she blead quite severely to nearly no return) Don't want to scare you, only want you and baby be safe!

This is my first pregnancy and I am over 30. I always dreamed of home birth but my partner does not agree with this decision and risks so I'll do it at the hospital.

Good luck and be safe!x

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hi there, I am a community midwife and, sorry but u will be strongly advised to deliver in an obstetric unit as there is an increased risk of u having another pph (post partum haemorrhage)


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